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Training With Calvin: Gavin

Gavin could hardly believe his own actions when he officially signed up for personal training sessions at the gym closest to the Rooster Teeth offices.

He’d never been one to care about his appearance and certainly had never shown any interest in ‘getting buff’ like some of the other guys he worked with. He was quite content with his skinny body and weak limbs but that had all changed when he noticed that his girlfriend kept commenting on men with larger muscles, even some of his coworkers. Gavin didn’t like to admit that he was the jealous type but the thought of Meg leaving him for a man who was more physically dominant sparked up an anxious feeling in his mind that he simply couldn’t quell until he’d at least tried to better himself to please the woman he loved.

Being assigned to a handsome young trainer who introduced himself as Calvin, Gavin couldn’t help but feel like he was totally out of his depth when he saw some of the guys that the man had previously trained. They were all behemoths with big muscles and classically handsome features, nothing like the dorky looking Brit with a big nose and twig-like arms. He felt like the most physically inferior guy in the whole gym and knew he’d have a long way to go if he was going to make enough improvements to properly impress Meg. Thankfully Calvin was bursting with confidence and assured Gavin that he’d be getting bigger in no time at all - in fact he even said it was a promise. Dubious as he was, the Brit decided to believe the other. Maybe he really could turn his life around.

The first few sessions were tough and Gavin left the gym with sore limbs and a defeated attitude. Calvin would tell him to keep his head up but that was much easier said than done when absolutely everything, even the lightest weights, felt like an extreme challenge. “It’ll come with time,” the trainer assured him. “Believe me.” Against his better judgement Gavin really did believe him and no sooner than a week later he was already beginning to see marked improvement both in his performance and his physicality, with some hint of muscle actually growing in his arms and legs. Indeed Gavin had started to spend a few minutes in front of the mirror every morning doing what some of his coworkers referred to as “admiring his gains”. It was silly to think about but actually rather thrilling when he could recognize the changes in his own body.

As his physique continued to develop and he started to pack on lean muscle at an astounding rate Gavin began to spend more time at the gym and less time at both work and home which was causing issues with both some of his coworkers and his girlfriend. Meg in particular kept complaining that they never ate dinner together anymore and he wasn’t tidying up after himself either. Gavin was irritated by her nagging but chose to just smile and agree to avoid any further conflict, opting to work the aggression out with a heavy session at the bag in the gym. Calvin was really good at helping Gavin channel any negative emotions to push himself further in his workouts and Gavin always left the gym feeling refreshed, even if his muscles were sore and his brain was tired.

After just four weeks of training with Calvin, the Brit discovered that none of his clothes seemed to fit anymore without being at serious risk of tearing apart. He had experienced a massive growth in musculature, one that his girlfriend was quick to blame on drugs - and Calvin as a result, insinuating he was pushing Gavin into taking some enhanced steroids that were causing massive changes to his body in a short space of time. Gavin of course came to Calvin’s defense, offended by his girlfriend’s dismissal of all the hard work he had been putting in at the gym to improve himself for her. She was just being ungrateful and it was hard to think that the woman he was supposed to love would try to turn him on his own trainer like that.

Gavin had opted to leave the house he shared with Meg after that argument had turned particularly ugly and found refuge in the spare bedroom of Calvin’s apartment. In a way it was for the best as he was able to keep on top of his diet and eliminate snacking altogether, even adopting Calvin’s high-protein meal plan to rapidly gain mass. The other guy was even nice enough to lend him some clothes that he could wear to the gym now that he’d busted out of his last pair of shorts. The Gavin of old would have been embarrassed by such an occurrence but instead he enjoyed the enviable looks people gave his round ass cheeks and thick bulge, knowing that he had what they could only ever hope to get.

Two further weeks of living in Calvin’s spare room and out of contact with his long-term girlfriend, Gavin felt like a brand new man. Indeed he even looked like it in the mirror with his six-foot-five frame, golden tan and large muscles, although he struggled to remember what he looked like before he had started training with Calvin. He certainly couldn’t have been too small, could he? Nobody could possibly grow that much in only six weeks, not unless they had a really good personal trainer with some serious magic mojo on their side!

When he wasn’t busy working out or meal prepping Gavin found himself sat in front of the television watching either sports or Spanish telenovelas. He found them amusing and overdramatic at first but eventually found himself getting rather interested and was even able to follow along with the storylines in surprising depth despite not having any previous experience speaking Spanish. Soon he was conversing in it as if it was second nature, even laughing when Calvin struggled to keep up with him. Indeed at times Gavin found it easier to speak in Spanish than English but he supposed that was always going to be the case considering he’d grown up speaking it in his native Spain.

Gavin was quick to jump at the opportunity to travel to California with Calvin and even spent a good part of the drive with his hands down the front of the other man’s pants, jerking him off and then licking his fingers clean afterwards. The journey seemed to pass by in a flash as a result and they finally reached their destination as the sun was setting, rolling into a large country estate. The house was large and beautiful and Gavin could spy a pool out the back to boot. Whoever the estate belonged to, they were loaded!

Calvin introduced him to the two men that lived there shortly afterwards and explained that they were marinos - husbands. Gavin nodded eagerly to show that he understood and allowed his friend to lead the conversation, only understanding every other word. He was pretty sure that Calvin was explaining to the men that Gavin’s grasp of the English language wasn’t too strong and had even introduced him as Gabriel, a name that at first sounded incorrect but soon he realized felt all too right. Why had he doubted his own name? Maybe he really was as estúpido as his friends in the gym like to joke he was.

Although much of it was lost in translation, Gabriel soon understood that the men wanted to hire him as their live-in butler to clean their pool, give them daily massages and even keep them fit with light exercise sessions in the home gym. A contract was placed in front of Gabriel but as it was all in English he found himself skipping right to the end and happily signing. It sounded like the perfect opportunity for him and he knew that employment with the two men would benefit him just as much as it would them!

Of course the sad news was that he would have to leave Calvin’s side in order to do so but his friend assured him that he would check up on him regularly to make sure everything was fine. Reassured by the other’s promise, Gabriel got to his knees and sucked the other off one more time before turning to do the same for both of his new employers who showered him with praise. Gabriel knew now that his only purpose in life was to serve them and he couldn’t be happier for it, especially as they had a strict uniform policy which would keep him only in a skimpy pair of boxers at all times! If he performed well at his daily duties they’d even welcome him into their bed and he’d be able to put his massive size and strength to even more good use!

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