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Time To Celebrate

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

While he remained secretive as to how long he’d really been living the ‘transformative’ lifestyle, Mr Cavanaugh saw no qualms in hosting a little celebration for his friends. His name had been on the lips of everybody who was anybody for the past five years and if that kind of success wasn’t worth celebrating then what the hell was?

There was always a great deal of care put into the preparations whenever Cavanaugh planned a get-together. He was aware that he had something of a reputation to uphold and he only wanted to provide the very best for his guests, especially as they made up some of the most powerful men and women in both Hollywood and the wider world. 

Mr Cavanaugh took great pride in being a spectacular host and he was going to make sure that absolutely everything was perfect, from the decorations adorning the rooms of his home in the Hamptons down to the appearances of his staff. Of course, that also meant that he had to have the perfect body for himself and while Ryan Terry had proven himself to be spectacular in both the gym and the bedroom, it felt the correct time for a change. Thankfully there was a whole list of people willing to step up and take the fitness model’s place, it was just about picking one that would fit the party atmosphere perfectly.

Thankfully a man of his stature and reputation had a number of contacts who would leap at the opportunity to represent the elusive Mr Cavanaugh. Many of them had experienced the thrill of the man’s powers, be it via possession or body swap, and would happily admit to craving that sensation. It was quite unlike anything else and had men of all shapes and sizes lining up to experience it.

Streamlining his choices to a selection of men that had been most frequently associated with him over the past few years, Mr Cavanaugh weighed up the pros and cons of each. He’d always been terrible at making choices, especially when such an embarrassment of riches was on offer. How could he possibly choose when every single man available to him was gorgeous, strong and completely willing to submit to him?

Stephen Amell knew of the man’s love for leather and arrived at the Hamptons home the morning of the party in only the dark green leather trousers of his Green Arrow costume. His deliberate flexing and posing was a surefire way to catch Mr Cavanaugh’s attention and while he rather enjoyed exploring the actor’s superhero body, he had enough patience to see who else might arrive.

The next man through the door was Charie Matthews, a dark-haired model who had made quite the comfortable body early on in the previous year. Tight skinny jeans revealed a perky bubble butt and he wasn’t shy about turning on the charm either in attempts to garner the man’s favor. Even still, the model risked hungry glances towards the leather-clad actor beside him and Mr Cavanaugh took notice with some interest.

Next to join the duo was Brant Daugherty, another gorgeous actor who had impressed Mr Cavanaugh with his muscular physique and had happily given up his body for the man in the past. In fact they’d had quite the delightful dining session beforehand which had only highlighted Brant’s most desirable features. His presence was most certainly tempting, especially as his pale blue shirt was strained around the powerful muscles of his upper body, creating quite the irresistibly delightful sight.

While Brant was quick to capture Mr Cavanaugh’s attention, he wasn’t quite able to win him over before a fourth man joined their little party, this time dressed in an all-black designer suit that hugged his muscular body and made him look like a million bucks. Accompanied by an undeniably handsome face with carefully trimmed stubble and perfectly styled hair, he was pretty much the full package.

Scott Eastwood’s previous experience with Mr Cavanaugh had been almost two years beforehand but he remembered the whole experience fondly and was eager for a second round. He was there to impress and a well-fitting suit was more than enough to do the job, especially when it was joined by a confident smirk and the slight reveal of chest hair where the top button of his shirt had been left undone.

“Boss,” he drawled, politely nodding his head in greeting to Mr Cavanaugh. Scott’s attention was firmly fixed on the man in charge, as if the other three men present didn’t even exist. It was effective and soon Mr Cavanaugh had made up his mind. While he was certain that Stephen, Charlie and Brant would all make delightful bodies to return to, Scott had simply captured his attention most of all.

The other men wouldn’t quite by leaving without undergoing little transformations of their own of course. Stephen and Charlie were the subjects of a quick exchange of bodies with both visibly delighted by the unexpected change. Brant’s body once again expanded with muscle, prompting his shirt to rip at the seams and reveal his hulking arms. He grunted in approval before leaving to find a mirror with the new Charlie and Stephen following soon after.

Left alone with Scott, Mr Cavanaugh merely smiled. He was glad that Scott had stepped forward to offer himself because he was the perfect pick. While there had never been any doubt that he would be the center of attention at the party, he was going to be doing it in style with Eastwood’s body!

All it took was a single kiss - chaste at first before the passion enveloped them both, evolving into something far more personal. Scott quickly submitted control to Mr Cavanaugh and allowed the man’s magic to flow through him, feeling relaxed at the warm sensation spreading throughout his body. Mr Cavanaugh’s right arm wrapped around the other’s waist, holding him close while his left hand ran through Scott’s dark hair.

Both men were incredibly hard, their tented bulges pressing against each other and provoking deep moans fueled by a savage lust. Even Mr Cavanaugh could find himself lost in the thrall of his own magic from time to time, especially in circumstances like this. Still, both men knew better than to fight back against the power of the magic and were more than happy to let it continue to do its work.

As the seconds passed, the spaces between their bodies became indistinguishable and soon they had become one single being, still moaning in delight and moving a hand over the length tenting his suit pants. While maintaining Scott’s appearance, the man himself willingly placed himself in the passenger seat as Mr Cavanaugh took control and inhaled sharply.

Overwhelmed by the powerful cocktail of passion and magic that had been the source of the possession, the Hollywood hunk hit climax and blew his load still inside his boxers. Momentarily embarrassed, Mr Cavanaugh merely chuckled and waved the situation away. These things sometimes happened when both he and the subject were totally invested in the takeover of a new body.

“Let’s get you cleaned up, Mr Eastwood,” he suggested, delighting in the man’s Californian drawl. The party would be starting soon and he was definitely in the need of some new pants… plus maybe a little more time to get reacquainted with this glorious body he now possessed!

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