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Tight Around The Neck

“Damn Ryan, you’re a pretty good fit but there’s no need to be so tight around my neck,” I muttered, knowing fully well that my tuxedo could hear me. That might sound insane but what you need to know is that the tux I’m wearing isn’t your average piece of clothing. No, this lovely garment is actually none other than Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling.

“But wait!” you might say, “Aren’t you Ryan Gosling?” Well, yes and no. There’s no denying that right now I have his body and am enjoying all the attention that comes with being one of the hottest properties on the market but this isn’t my real body or of course I wouldn’t have had to turn the real Ryan into my suit for the evening!

If you were to see me outside of this transformation you’d never look twice at me - or even want to. Fifty-seven years old and as skinny as a rake, I’m really not all that impressive. My hair fell out when I was in my thirties and my teeth followed in my late forties. I didn’t have any loved ones or family left around to care about me so I decided to look for something I could do with my life. About six years I discovered a centuries-old spell book that imbued me with powers to transform others into clothes and then transform into them as long I’m wearing them. As you can probably guess I was a little overwhelmed at first but six years on I’ve definitely got the hang of things!

I know that the men I transform are still awake in their new fabric bodies but quite often they’re too busy moaning at the pleasure of being worn, especially the ones with big muscles and bigger egos. Some though, like Ryan here, try to put up a bit of a fight. That’s not to worry though, all I have to do is start stroking this big cock through my pants and he’ll be too distracted to try and strangle me again! 

Come on Ryan, keep being a bad boy and let’s see where that gets you…

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