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OUAT: Through The Portal

Updated: May 4, 2019

David couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed. There had been a number of strange occurrences in Storybrooke as of late and David had taken it upon himself to get to the root of it. Killian, as he often did, opted to join him as back-up for his supposedly dangerous adventure and together they had worked out that the magic surrounding the town was becoming increasingly unstable.

The investigation had brought to two men to the docks where they had traced a massive surge of mystical power activating. There was no doubt some danger lurking around the corner and they were determined to put a stop to it before anything bad could befall the townsfolk. They had assumed the mantle of the town’s heroes after thwarting the plans of numerous villains - Killian himself once upon a time - and both men were confident that whatever was causing these strange fluctuations in magic, it would be no different. Good always triumphed over evil, after all.

Before they could even initiate their search of the docks, the men were startled by the sudden presence of a portal just above the water. The portal was a bright blue in color, shining with crystalline lights that gave it an ethereal glow. “What the hell is that?” Killian asked, rooted to the spot.

Behind him, David took a step back. “I don’t know but I don’t you should stand so close–” He didn’t even get to finish his sentence as a tendril of blue light sprung from the portal and wrapped itself around Killian’s ankles. “No!” Reaching out, David grabbed at the man’s leather jacket but the pirate was pulled completely free from it just seconds later, vanishing into the depths of the portal.

David was left stood on the dock with his friend’s jacket in his hands and waited a mere moment before charging for the portal. A second tendril shot out of it, only this one brushed him away and he landed with a hard collision several feet away. Determined to come to Killian’s rescue though, David fought back to his feet - only to discover the portal vanishing into nothingness before his eyes!

Panic immediately began to populate David’s mind. It didn’t matter how often it happened - which, unfortunately for Storybrooke, was rather often - the disappearance of somebody into a portal was always unsettling. He could hardly imagine what sort of Hell dimension or twisted prison Killian had ended up in so speed was of the essence. They would need to launch a rescue mission as soon as physically possible.

Acting upon an impulsive whisper lurking from a dark part at the back of his mind, David shrugged off his own jacket and pulled Killian’s on instead. Made for a slimmer man, the leather hung tight across his muscular chest and arms but it made David feel strangely reassured, as if he hadn’t just seen one of his closest friends sucked into a mysterious portal. The voice spoke to him again, assuring him that he was doing a good job and even though he realized that the voice wasn’t his own, David strangely couldn’t find it in himself to argue.

As he begun his walk back towards where he could find his wife and the rest of the townsfolk, the prince noticed that he didn’t feel quite so heavy on his feet anymore. Glancing down, he absently noted that his tan boots were now made of black leather and although it was a surprise, he strangely didn’t feel alarmed. In fact he even noted that the leather boots probably suited him better, even if his feet did look a size or two smaller than usual.

The more steps David took, the more his body began to change. The powerful legs that had been built up with muscle through horse-riding as well as countless jogs around the town began to lose some of their size, becoming lean as opposed to muscular. The opposite could be said of his ass, with the cheeks gaining volume and size, looking perky in his slacks. Moments later and those slacks had made their own change into a pair of leather pants which sat tight around his lower body and highlighted his voluptuous ass and the growing bulge in his crotch.

David’s upper body followed the lead of its lower half, reshaping as he progressed further away from where the portal had been. The jacket no longer seemed so tight as his broad chest slimmed out by several inches. He lifted a hand to his pecs, scratching at them as a blanket of dark hair began to grow across them. It took him a moment to realize that his light grey t-shirt had changed to a low-cut black shirt with an ornately decorated maroon waistcoat on top, looking quite like the ones Killian had worn in his days as Hook.

Finally making it onto the town’s main street, David paused at a storefront upon catching something strange in his reflection. Looking back at him was not his own face, but rather Killian’s! Well of course it would be, he reminded himself, Who the bloody else would I be seeing?

While the new Killian was distracted by admiring his handsome reflection, a second portal opened behind him, this own a bright purple in color. It reached out with its tendrils, wrapping around the man’s waist and pulling him back into it before vanishing just as the first had.

The man who had once identified as both David and Prince Charming didn’t find himself in the same location as his missing friend, but back in a land that was familiar to him - the Enchanted Forest. He stumbled out of the portal and straight into a bar filled with some of the land’s most notorious deviants and criminals. 

The gathered crowd greeted him with a hero’s welcome and as he made his way to the bar, he found that there was already an ale waiting for him. “Nice to have you back, Hook,” the bartender grunted, earning a nod of appreciation from the leather-clad pirate. Any and all thoughts of both Storybrooke and of being Prince Charming had departed his mind for good, leaving him as the most feared pirate in all of the land, known for his womanizing and money-loving antics.

By the end of the night Hook had quite a few ales down him and was busy having his way with a princess who had stumbled into the wrong part of town. Thankfully he was such a gent that she willingly accepted his help and met him halfway for an incredible night of passion. It was shockingly out of character for the former Prince Charming but how was he supposed to know?

After all, hadn’t he always been Captain Hook?

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