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The Voice of Christmas

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Despite being born into a heavily religious family, Robert had never quite shared his parents’ beliefs to their extremes. While matters of Heaven and Hell were never too far from his mind, he considered the weekly sermons to be overkill and found little guidance in prayer. One of the worst things about being born into such a religious family though was their tendency to overdo Christmas and sign up for every possible activity their church ran.

One annual expectation was for Robert to participate in the Young Adults Church Choir and it had been a miserable experience every single year. He had a pleasant singing voice - something his parents were keen to remind him at every possible moment - but lacked confidence and even performing for the church community was more than his anxious brain could deal with. This year it was far worse because the choirmaster expected him to sing a carol solo which would put far more spotlight on Robert than he was comfortable with.

Knowing that his parents would never allow him to back out and that the pressure would continue to mount, Robert finally turned to prayer and hoped that somebody out there was listening. “Please, let me have the confidence to sing this Christmas,” he murmured, eyes closed and palms pressed together in front of his face.

Little did Robert know that his prayer would not be answered by some higher power but instead a mortal warlock who was looking to share a few gifts over the festive season. Mr Cavanaugh sensed the turmoil in the young man’s mind and knew of several ways that he could help Robert out of the tough situation he found himself in.

There was one option that seemed more in the spirit of the season than the others though and Mr Cavanaugh was more than happy to deliver such a gift to the troubled teen.

Through the night, Mr Cavanaugh’s magic caressed and transformed Robert’s body with a blissful ease that only came from years of practice. Robert was hardly the first person that he had helped out, after all, but every transformation was special and Mr Cavanaugh took extreme care to make sure the experience was as pleasurable for Robert as possible.

While the young man’s dreams were filled with lustful images of women in red and white festive lingerie and those enviable “sexy Santas” he had seen at the local mall, Robert’s body began to expand. The changes begun at his feet as they grew in both length and width, growing several sizes, while a small dusting of dark hair sprouted forth. From there, Robert’s calves expanded and stretched while his thighs ballooned with muscles, forcing his pajama bottoms to stretch to their limits at a lower half that had all but doubled in size.

The bulge in Robert’s crotch region became simply obscene as the pleasure of the transformation displayed physical consequences, the young man’s cock growing in length and girth while standing proud and tall. Similarly Robert’s once flat ass reshaped into a curvaceous delight, the product of many squats and the intense desire to look as good for his family - and his fans - as possible.

As the lustful adventures of Robert’s dreams continued, so did his transformation which progressed to his upper half. His chest began a slow rise, his slim build being replaced by something broader and more fitting of a fully-grown adult. The muscle gained remained somewhat soft, forming a “dadbod” physique that wasn’t overstated nor unappealing, especially as a forest of hair began growing across his pecs. His thin arms gave way to firm biceps and thick forearms, while larger hands gripped instinctively at the sheets around him.

The transformation finally reached his face and slowly but surely his features shifted - nose and jaw becoming wider, lips plumper and the lines of age forming around his eyes. His blond hair darkened to a natural brown which became an unruly mess, so unlike the perfection Robert’s parents expected him to appear as at all times. By the time his features had fully shifted, he no longer resembled the pale young man that he truly was but instead had the face of Canadian crooner Michael Bublé!

The changes were not simply limited to physicality though. In answering the young man’s wish, Mr Cavanaugh instilled the confidence of a world-travelled performer in Robert. He would have no issues getting up to sing a solo in front of his church when he had already performed to crowds all across the globe. In fact, should he enjoy the experience then the warlock was more than happy to allow him to stay that way.

Robert’s parents were confused and concerned by the change in their son as he greeted them the next morning but quickly came to accept it. After all, over the years Bublé had become known as the ‘modern voice of Christmas’, taking after the likes of Bing Crosby and Dean Martin. Having him perform at their church would truly be a Christmas gift to their community!

The original Michael Bublé enjoyed the opportunity to finally spend the festive season at home with his wife and kids, assured in the knowledge that his career would not vanish while Robert was out there performing seasonal hits like the world class performer he was!

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