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DC: The Superior Superman

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

This story is part one of a collaboration with my good friend Writer! Go check out his part of the story over on his blog!

Winn didn’t like to think that he was the damsel in distress of his group but sometimes he was forced to confront the reality of the situation and admit that compared to Kara, Mon-El and even Alex he was the metaphorical princess of the group and that was unlikely to change any time soon. Cornered by a villain with metahuman powers on their side, Winn knew he was all but doomed until his friends rescued him but that didn’t stop him from at least attempting to fight back. While he knew the attempt was futile, he was desperate to cling onto the scraps of dignity he had remaining. After falling into danger and having to be rescued on multiple occasions in just the previous few weeks, Winn felt consistently emasculated and began to dream of an impossible life as a hero like his idol Superman. There was no way the Kryptonian adonis ever found himself in situations like this - at least not on the regular as if it was as normal as putting milk in his cereal.

“What do you want from me?” Winn sighed, relenting against the villain’s strength as his escape plan was easily foiled. The techie was totally resigned to the situation, as much as he wished his fortunes were reversed. This wasn’t his first hostage situation and it most likely wouldn’t be his last, no matter how prepared to deal with danger he felt he was.

“I want you to help me,” the handsome young villain declared, his voice as smooth as silk. There was something about the glowing violet of his eyes that was strangely captivating, placating the resentment Winn had felt since he was grabbed hours earlier. Those eyes were just so… bright. It was easy to get lost in their unnatural glow. For a moment Winn was so lost in the other man’s gaze that he was almost able to forget what sort of dire situation he had once again found himself in. “I want you to help me get rid of Superman.”

The statement was just shocking enough to pull Winn out of the momentary bliss he had felt while inspecting the beautiful purple of the villain’s irises. Any mention of Superman was going to get Winn’s attention but the thought of putting him in harm’s way? That was most certainly one way to make sure his defiant streak kicked up. “No way. I’d never help you do that,” he spat in return, surprising both himself and his captor with the fire that had awoken inside of him. As his hero and shameless man-crush, Superman meant a lot to him.

“Oh, sweet Winn,” the villain drawled, his deep voice sending a shiver rippling down the techie’s spine. Of all the thugs who had ever taken him prisoner, this purple-eyed rascal definitely unnerved Winn more than most and that was even without the use of violence. “Deep down, I know you want to help me.” The palm of his hand was placed against Winn’s chest, right over where his heart was beginning to pick up a faster beat. Sensing his captive’s fear, the villain leaned in closer and exposed his teeth with a wolfish grin. “After all, helping me will get you a… super reward.”

Nobody noticed anything different about Winn when they finally got him back to the DEO hours later, the villain escaping into the night after a confrontation with the Kryptonian cousins. Winn didn’t even appear to be all that shaken up, miserably confessing that he was getting used to being thrown about in the lairs of two-bit villains. He could see the pity in his friends’ eyes - even Clark! - and took it as an excuse to head home early. “Long day of playing damsel and all that.” None of his friends disagreed.

Weeks later and Winn’s ordeal with the purple-eyed villain was forgotten by everybody but the man himself. At night he found himself dreaming of those bright eyes and fell asleep to the sound of the villain’s voice whispering encouraging words in his ears. It was strange but those were the most peaceful moments of Winn’s daily life and he soon craved the sound of the man’s voice and the sight of those beautiful purple suns.

With Supergirl out in Central City helping the Flash with some issue, Superman had taken over his cousin’s duties. Alex, Mon-El and the others had all accompanied Kara, leaving Winn as the only member of their group available to help Clark should he need it. Of course Winn was hardly going to complain about that scenario and Clark was always polite enough to humor him in conversation, never even bringing up the times he caught the techie obviously checking him out. Winn just couldn’t help himself!

It was during those quiet few days that the purple-eyed man finally returned to National City, this time armed with kryptonite weapons that were capable of subduing Superman. The hero turned to Winn for assistance and was delighted to find that young Mr Schott was confident that he could build a device that might delay the effects of kryptonite long enough for Superman to emerge triumphant.

Winn worked long through the night and the sun was just beginning to rise from its slumber when he summoned Clark back to the DEO with the promise of a completed device. Sure enough, he was able to showcase the small circular piece of technology that he explained would attach to the Superman suit and allow him to take on the villain without suffering any potential harm as a result of the kryptonite weapons.

Clark was understandably gracious, thanking the other for all of his hard work and accepted the device from him. Winn watched with baited breath as the hero activated his little trinket and placed it against his suit. After several tense seconds of nothingness, the circle finally began to glow a recognizable purple and Winn was able to let out the breath he had been holding.

A grunt escaped Clark’s lips while a look of discomfort flashed across his face, prompting Winn to smile. It’s working! “Just relax,” he advised, “It’ll only hurt more if you’re tense.” The news didn’t exactly seem to settle the hero very much but that hardly mattered considering what he was about to endure.

Of all the things he had borne witness to in his time helping the various heroes and the DEO, there was nothing quite as stunning as the sight of Superman’s muscles depleting over the space of a minute, leaving him physically diminutive in both size and stature. Throughout the event, Winn could hardly stop himself from grinning. His hard work hadn’t all been for nothing - he had completed his mission and Superman had finally been drained of everything that had made him ‘super’!

Once he was sure that the transformation was complete, Winn snatched the device back from the super-suit that now hung loose around Clark’s weak body. The rapid and unexpected changes had clearly drained the hero but even if he had remained alert, Winn was confident that even he could overpower Clark now. How the tables turn, huh?

Pressing the glowing purple device against his chest, Winn let out a long sigh of relief as he felt the kryptonian power that he had stripped from Clark begin to rush through him. Within moments his body began to respond, pushing his clothes to their very limits as his muscles began to expand with previously unknown power. A simple flex of his biceps had the sleeves of his shirt busting apart at the seams and prompted a deep chuckle to escape from his lips.

“W… Winn?” Clark asked, staring up at the man who now towered above him. In both body and mind he was totally unrecognizable, but Winn wasn’t concerned about making Clark like him anymore. He had everything he could possibly want from the other man.

“That’s Superman to you,” he snapped, speaking in a much deeper voice than before and ripping the ruined clothes away to expose his muscular body. The blush that covered Clark’s cheeks was an immediate reward but Winn wasn’t done. This was all part of his master’s plan and he was going to follow it through just as he had promised all those weeks ago. “Now I believe you have something of mine…”

Stripping Clark out of the Superman costume was as easy as blinking and Winn took great pride in manhandling the former hero of Metropolis. He wasn’t the only one either as applause broke out from the entrance to the lab, where Winn’s new master stood, the purple in his eyes brighter than ever.

“I knew I could rely on you, Winn,” he praised, sauntering across the room to survey the results of their transformations in closer detail. It had been easy for him to influence a vulnerable mind such as Winn’s and just as he’d expected, it had been the perfect avenue to sideline perhaps the most powerful hero in the world. Even better, his god-like powers hadn’t been removed from play altogether but instead traded to someone who was much easier to control.

“It was a pleasure, Master!” the new Superman replied, eagerness present in his voice as he stood up straighter once he had pulled the iconic blue-and-red costume on over his newly enhanced body. “Serving you is the only thing that matters.” Despite all of his newfound power and strength, he remained submissive at heart and would do anything to please his new master.

The attention finally turned back to Clark, now powerless and at the mercy of a villain in a way he never had been before. The purple-eyed man merely smiled, admiring the sight of the defeated hero and running a finger along his weak jawline. “Now, Superman,” he announced, glancing back up at his newest henchman with that same wolfish grin blessing his handsome features once more, “Why don’t we have some fun with this one, hmm?”

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