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The Sheets

Come on Uncle Johnny, stop lying to yourself. You know that you love being your own bed sheets and really you want to thank me for making you this way. I could have turned you into absolutely anything before I took your place but I was kind enough to make you something that’s going to be getting a lot of use. Think about it, you could be the lamp or this magazine but you wouldn’t have nearly as much fun as you’re having as these sheets.

If you really want to know why I did this then the answer’s pretty simple: I was jealous of you. How could I not be? You had a great body, high-paying job and a hot wife I had always been attracted to. My older brother treated you like a god and honestly I couldn’t blame him because I thought you were pretty great even though you called me “shrimpy”. It was when you started saying that I was going to be a “forty-year-old virgin” that I decided to get a little revenge on you and take your place.

This body is incredible, it really is. I hope you don’t mind if I do a bit of underwear modelling on the side of your career as a businessman because really you look too good to waste this body underneath all those suits! I’m going to take full advantage of what I’ve got right now and you’ll have to deal with it. It’s not like you can really argue back now that you’re nothing but a bundle of inanimate sheets now after all.

At least as my sheets you’ll still be able to feel this incredible body and even your wife’s petite curves when we’re naked in bed together. Sure it won’t feel the same as fucking her but I’m sure it’ll be enough pleasure to get you going while I drive her crazy by fucking her like you never have before. I’m already waiting for her now but I suppose I’ve got time to stroke one out before she gets home from her shopping trip.

Brace yourself because from now on I’m going to make sure my cum ends up all over you. You’re going to be the dirtiest sheets I own but I bet you’ll love it once you’ve got a taste of Uncle Johnny’s seed, won’t you?

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