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The Great Change: Shawn

Over the years there have been countless studies on the Great Change, trying to identify the causes for it happening. After all causing every single person in the world to switch bodies with another was hardly a regular occurrence and it had never happened in the history of mankind before. No matter how hard they tried to discover the truth though, scientists could find no logical reason for its happening, nor if there was any method to the madness that followed. Had there been any order or reasons that particular people had switched? There were so many questions and yet so few answers.

Not everybody particular wanted to ask those questions though because they were content living out the new lives they’d been gifted, usually the ones who had been switched into celebrity bodies, from poor to rich or old to young. Shawn Smith happened to fit into all three categories when he woke up that fateful morning in the body of another Shawn, the singing sensation and teenage heartthrob Shawn Mendes!

Back in his youth Shawn Smith had attempted at fame by moving to Hollywood and trying to start an acting career. He was told repeatedly that he couldn’t act though and he was on the verge of giving up when he was approached with the offer to star in a gay porno. With no other options and running out of money to pay the rent, he agreed to it and found himself actually enjoying it a lot more than he’d expected. He was big, burly and hairy so of course the skinny nerds who watched their content loved him and he loved getting to be such a dominant top with leaner guys worshiping his big muscles.

For the next twenty years Shawn was one of the leading men for the company he’d been hired before but as his age caught up to him he found himself getting invited to less and less clips and his money was beginning to dry up. Faced with the prospect of hitting fifty with no other career lined up, he became utterly miserable and direction-less. That was when the Great Change came and shook up his entire world.

Before he’d woken up that morning, Shawn Smith had only heard of the singer Shawn Mendes in passing. He couldn’t say that he’d recognize any of the young man’s songs and he certainly wouldn’t have anticipated actually crossing paths with the other. They’d done more than cross paths now, they’d become each other and this felt like the second chance that he’d never had. He was young and hot again with too much opportunity to possibly waste it.

In the months that followed as the world tried to sort itself out into some new order now that everything had changed, Shawn was busy making sure he made the most of his second opportunity. The young singer’s body had been a little too skinny for him considering he’d been a fairly beefy man in his prime. He certainly lamented the lack of any chest hair but he supposed that was a necessary sacrifice to make.

Frequenting the gym almost every morning, it took time but Shawn soon began to see progress that he was actually happy with. He’d never get back to the muscular size he’d once been at but the body he now lived in was no longer as skinny as it had once been and damn if he didn’t stop to check himself out every time he walked past a mirror. He had a handsome face, tight abs and some pretty defined pecs. What wasn’t to love about that?

After making his big comeback and featuring a bunch of hot young gay pornstars in his music video, the new Shawn Mendes found himself riding a second wave of success. He had finally achieved the level of fame he’d been aiming for all along, he;d just had to be in somebody else’s body to achieve it. That didn’t seem like too bad of a trade off though, especially when he ran into his old body while touring his new album.

The other had slowly started to accept that he wouldn’t be getting his famous body back and had settled in as the older bear he now was. He’d continued to work in gay porn and had even started dating one of his younger co-stars. Thankfully they had a pretty open relationship and even invited the new Shawn into a pretty steamy threesome which he couldn’t resist. Even with that body’s older age he still thought he was a pretty handsome guy and it turned out being fucked by himself (or his former self) was an experience better than anything he could possibly describe.

Maybe the world was never the same after the Great Change but at least the two Shawns found themselves happy in the end, even if it was with a new body and surname…

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