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The Great Change: Reunited

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

It was pretty clear from the moment that I woke up and realized I was in a different body that some unknown power had been nice to me. All across the world men and women were waking up in bodies they were unhappy with but thankfully I wasn’t one of those disappointed people. It was pretty hard to be disappointed when I went from a skinny kid still wearing braces to fix his wonky teeth at the age of seventeen to a muscular stud in his mid-twenties with a sweet chest tattoo and perfectly straight white teeth.

Those first few minutes in my new studly body as I listened to the scientists on the radio desperately try to explain the worldwide phenomenon were perfect. It was becoming pretty clear that every stress I had struggled from in my own body would be over as numerous doors were now open to me. I was now a classically handsome stud with six-pack abs, of course the world was going to treat me better than it ever had before!

I only had one concern left and that was for my two best friends, Donny and Peter. We had been together through thick and thin, sticking together despite continued harassment from the other boys at our high school who were all much bigger and stronger than us. They were brothers to me and I couldn’t help but worry about where they’d ended up after what people were already calling ‘The Great Change’. More than anything I hoped they’d been as lucky as I had.

The world was pretty crazy for the first few days and social media was unreliable at best so it took some time for me to finally track down Donny and Peter. Both assured me that they were happy with how the Great Change had affected them which pleased me and within two weeks we were reunited in the big city, thousands of miles away from our unhappy lives back in our small town.

Donny found himself switched into a body that was rocking a whole load more ink than even my own new body but it suited him well. His two full sleeves and some sick chest tattoos caught my eye immediately and I couldn’t help but stare at him in wonder. His handsome face and happy-go-lucky personality blended well, creating the image of a badass but lovable hunk. 

Peter meanwhile was the only one of our trio to end up in a body without any tattoos but he was nevertheless just as hot, with strong muscles and a slick haircut. He also benefit from gaining the largest package of the three of us, although neither Donny nor myself was exactly struggling in that department.

Unlike some other group of friends, the Great Change only brought us closer together as we took the step from best friends to lovers. The three of us have always worked so well together and now that extends to both in the gym and in the bedroom. What more could we possibly want in this post-Change world?

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