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The Great Change: First Morning

At sixteen years old, Timothy Partridge wanted much more from his life than what he was getting. A dedicated member of the science club at his high school, Timmy was a regular target of bullies in the school and even his teachers turned a blind eye when his classmates teased him or acted as if he was invisible. To make matters worse Timmy’s father was the football coach and he was undeniably disappointed that his own son was as thin as a rake with very little chance of ever making it in sports.

It wasn’t as if Timmy had ever asked to be this kind of person. No, if he had his way then he would be the exact kind of son his father wanted: a tall, muscular, sports-loving straight stud. Unfortunately he was none of those things and his self-esteem was at rock bottom because of that, especially as his father treated the boys in the football team like the sons he would have rather had.

Fearing that he would never escape the unhappy life he was living, the Great Change came as something of a blessing for Timmy. He had fallen asleep well into the early hours of the morning after reading copious amounts of slash fanfic and as such was rather surprised at how well-rested he felt when he rose just a few hours later.

Like so many people across the world waking up at that same moment Timmy was slightly alarmed to find himself in an unfamiliar bed in somebody else’s bedroom. Unlike a lot of those people though, he immediately took a liking to what he found when he lifted up the sheets and stared down at his body. There was no other word to describe himself than big. Big muscles, big frame, big cock… all of it was bigger than he could have ever expected it and he loved it!

The excitement building inside of him provoked his cock to grow to half-mast and then stand up straight. With very little hesitation he reached a hand down to wrap it around the hard shaft and began exploring the unfamiliar cock. It had to be at least nine inches and was certainly not shy on the girth either. He couldn’t help but think that it was exactly the kind of cock he’d imagined some of the guys on the football team would have - or his own father.

With one hand beginning to work his cock in a steady rhythm, he used the other to run his hands across his body to explore to firm muscles. He wasn’t sure there was an ounce of fat anywhere on him - he was just pure strong muscle and he couldn’t get enough of it. He flexed his arm and bounced his pecs, delighted at just how easy it felt to show off the power in his body.

After covering the sheets with his cum, Timmy finally left the bed and walked - no, swaggered - over towards the mirror hanging on the wall. He wasn’t at all surprised to find that he barely fit in front of it all at once. His shoulders were broad and the line of every muscle suggested that this body had spent almost every morning working in the gym for the past several years if not longer. There was no way he was any younger than twenty and he was perhaps even closer to thirty!

Stepping out onto the roof of the building wearing only work-out shorts, the hunk of a man took in a long breath of fresh air. He had awoken in not just a new body but a new life. Little did he know that all across the world every single person was finding exactly the same thing although very few felt quite as rewarded as he did. He didn’t know what this body’s name was nor what he was doing for a job but that didn’t really matter to him. He didn’t feel like he was Timmy anymore - he was a brand new man and now he would never have to crave his father’s approval again!

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