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The Award

Look at Aaron Taylor-Johnson over there. Doesn’t he look proud of winning that award? I can’t say I blame him really, winning away award is a big deal and it’s well deserved. He’s a great actor which is why I’ve always been such a big fan of his. He just has no idea what that award will end up doing to him, that’s why I can’t stop myself from laughing. In just a day or two he’ll hardly even recognize himself so I guess it’s only fair that I let him enjoy this moment of success.

What Aaron doesn’t realize is that earlier in the evening I was able to put a spell on the trophy I knew he would be receiving. That spell has only one single purpose - to make the actor precisely the kind of man I want him to be. I’ve had a lot of relationships in my time but the men I date always end up disappointing me and I decided that I’d finally take matters into my own hands and make my dream man. Starting from scratch sounded like far too much hassle so why shouldn’t I use a gorgeous existing model like Aaron here? It’ll only take a few tweaks to get him right.

I guess the most important change is that he won’t be straight anymore. What interest would I have in a straight man when he wouldn’t be attracted to me? No, he’ll be gay and believe he always has been. He’ll find himself getting uncomfortably hard when he sees men with bloated bellies and straggly beards just like my own. He’s not into those well-muscles guys or even the twinks with big asses and pouty lips, he needs a real leather-loving man like me or you. Yeah, I know you’re jealous already.

The physical transformations will begin after that. Don’t worry, I won’t be getting rid of all that hard muscle, just highlighting a few areas - his ass for instance. It’ll be bigger and fatter, much more fun for me to grab. Considering his job will be servicing me above all else he won’t need such a big cock anymore either so it’ll shrink down to a mere three inches both flaccid and hard. By that point he’ll probably be too far along in his mental transformation to even be that upset over it either.

His hair will turn bright bleached blond and his ears will pierce as diamond studs appear in them. The energetic light behind his eyes will disappear too, leaving him looking empty in the brain. That’s a relatively accurate statement for how he’ll be actually - nothing more than a brainless himbo with only enough mental activity to make sure he keeps his body in good shape and does whatever his new master tells him to do.

In just a few days he’ll end up at my door, begging for both my cock and my approval. Maybe after he signs over his wealth to me and proves that he knows how to properly worship my leather boots and feet I’ll consider granting him both. For now I’m just going to enjoy his slow descent from award-winning Hollywood actor into a slutty little himbo ready to serve!

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