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That’s My Boyfriend

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

My boyfriend of two years had been missing for almost three months and I was going absolutely one of my mind in worry of what had happened to him. Something had to have happened to him, I was convinced of it. We had a happy life together and he’d just gotten a promotion at his job to the level of Junior Manager which he’d been working towards for month. Hell, we only got a house last December and then suddenly he disappeared after leaving work one day and I haven’t heard from him since. I’ve even had the police out looking for him but nobody’s had any luck.

Just earlier today my friends all but abducted me from my home (I had barely left it in weeks, just hoping that Jimmy would show up ahead out of the blue - something I was only able to do because I was self employed) to drag me down to the coastline. They wanted to try and distract me and make me smile again. I knew that Jimmy’s disappearance wasn’t easy on them either but I had definitely taken it the hardest and it had made me a miserable person which was so far from my usually outgoing and bubbly personality.

Despite their best intentions I was still miserable throughout the trip and couldn’t stop thinking about how Jimmy would have liked a fun day out like that and now he was god knows where with god knows who. Imagine my surprise then when we finally started heading back to the car and I found myself staring at a very familiar face walking around completely naked nearby. I recognized that face immediately because it was Jimmy’s. He looked ever so slightly different though - his jaw slightly wider and sporting a closely trimmed beard. His floppy hair had been cut into the very same “cool guy haircut” he had mocked so many guy’s for having before.

The most surprising change was just how big he was. Jimmy had always been a little on the skinny side but somehow now his body was pumped with muscle and covered by a bronze tan. His pecs and abs were so defined that he might as well have been a fitness model and he looked like he could lift boulders with those strong arms. Even his cock looked bigger and more generous in girth too which had me practically drooling. My first thought was that he must have been a relative of Jimmy’s but I knew for a fact that he didn’t have any brothers or cousins and there was no way those similarities to my boyfriend were just a coincidence. Was it possible that this was what had become of Jimmy and if so, how the hell had it happened?

“James, get that big cock of yours over here!” a feminine voice called out, catching the stud’s attention. I watched in horror as the man who I was so sure was Jimmy swaggered over to a beautiful girl with bleached blonde hair and wrapped her in those big arms of his. My friends and I were absolutely speechless, all asking ourselves the same questions. There was no mistaking that right there was my boyfriend only a more idealized version of him and apparently straight now too.

I felt like I was rooted to the spot as my (former) boyfriend started making out with the beach babe, apparently oblivious to the small group of friends watching him from a few feet away. I should have felt my heart breaking and yet I didn’t. No, I strangely felt more aroused than I had done in months, as if there was some desire inside of me to end up just as much of a beefy straight jock as James now was.

Damn, is this how it spreads? My body’s starting to feel hot and my shirt was suddenly very tight around my body too… 

Aw, fuck bro. This wasn’t how I expected today to go… but I’m sure as hell not going to complain! Muscles and a big cock here I come - not to mention all the pussy I’m going to get!

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