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Technical Difficulties

When upcoming Hollywood star Scott Eastwood invited his friend Tanner onto his podcast for an episode discussing the older man’s career as a professional race-car driver, he had no idea just how fateful the encounter would be. 

With his broken leg keeping him mostly house-bound, Scott had concentrated his effort into his podcast more than ever and had even invested in some new equipment that was supposedly state of the art. Setting it up had been a pain but he was confident that it was all ready and working by the time Tanner arrived.

The podcast began like any other, with Scott introducing himself and his guest for the night, and the two began to discuss how they had met. Scott had been a longtime fan of Tanner’s and Tanner had loved the acting and directing work of Scott’s famous father since he was a young boy. They had hit it off right away and became fast friends despite the thirteen year age difference. Anybody listening in would get a good idea of their friendship, at least until the live-stream began to stutter due to technical faults emerging.

“I’m gonna try and fix this up,” Scott muttered into his microphone, reaching towards the newly-installed equipment he was using. Tanner watched in bemusement as his friend did his best to navigate his way around the unfamiliar technology, until the accidental tug on a wire connecting their headphones caused a jolt of electricity to rush through both men. 

The two remained rigid for a moment as the live-stream dropped out entirely, leaving Scott’s audience in the dark.

Both men sat stunned for several moments, attempting to slow the rapid beating of their hearts and settle their swimming visions. With some struggle, Scott was able to pull his headphones off and dropped them to the table in order to closer inspect his hands. He barely had time to wonder what was different about them when he a loud noise to his left attracted his attention. Thinking back, Scott was certain that Tanner had been to his right, but now it was only the chair on his left that was occupied.

His recording partner had similarly dropped his headphones to the desk but was staring at Scott with wide eyes and an open mouth. The other’s visage prompted Scott to yell out in surprise, not for Tanner’s expression but the fact that he was wearing Scott’s face. They had switched bodies! 

It would have been difficult to believe if they weren’t living through the scenario and Scott was momentarily caught by a strong sense of dread before it seemed to dissipate entirely and he was left wondering why he felt so strange in the presence of his good friend Scott Eastwood. It was almost like he was looking at the other for the very first time but that was ridiculous! “All fixed?” he asked instead, prompting the other to shrug.

“Maybe, maybe not. Wanna keep going?” came the casual reply.

Tanner nodded.

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