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Stop Texting Me

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Ugh, that’s Rory again. I thought he would have given up on texting me by now considering I’m not replying at all. We switched bodies two weeks ago and he’s still acting as if we’re going to switch back any minute now. I knew that he was never the brightest spark in the school but he can’t actually think that I’m still planning to switch back with him, can he?

Let me give you a little bit of backstory. Rory was a high school senior who was on the verge of failing his classes and being held back from graduation so his parents hired me, a private tutor, to help him study and prepare for his tests. Rory fought me every step of the way, sulking and acting like a child until he was practically unbearable and I knew there was no way he’d ever graduate without some mystical assistance.

That was why I switched our bodies, nothing else. Rory’s parents had hired me to make sure their son graduated from high school and I was going to do absolutely anything to make sure I completed the job. Sure, they probably weren’t anticipating that I’d use magic to make sure it happened but desperate times called for desperate measures after all. With my brain in Rory’s body I was able to ace all of his tests and make sure he’d graduate with a somewhat decent GPA and get his spot at college.

What I honestly hadn’t expected though was to find myself enjoying my time in Rory’s body quite a surprising amount. 

Back in my younger days high school had been a pretty crappy experience for me, even though I loved learning and opening my mind to new experiences. Just living just a few weeks as the king of the high school halls showed me just how much I’d missed out on. Cute girls flocked to pay attention to me while the guys on the sports teams had no idea I was eyeing them up in the shower. I was living the life of a young god and it was so goddamn good that I decided I didn’t want to give it up, especially not right before college when things would be getting really interesting for Rory.

You know, I can totally understand why he’s still texting me and begging for his body back but that doesn’t make it any less fucking annoying. In fact every damn text makes me more convinced to keep his body for the long haul because even though I had reservations about what I was doing at first, his constant tantrums was proof that he didn’t deserve a body with as much to give as this.

Fooling Rory’s parents hasn’t even been too difficult and they were pleased to see that working with a tutor had given him a renewed interest in continuing in education for his future. Sure, I’ll be going to college on a sports scholarship but I’m still planning to take a few higher level classes. I might have Rory’s sexy body but I still have my brilliant mind and I’m not going to let that go to waste as he surely would have done.

As it stood Rory was never going to have a bright future if he continued to at the way he did. In a sense I’m doing both him and his family a favor by really making something of his life. Now if he can just accept that this is the way things are going to be from now on and stop damn texting me all the time then things really will be great!

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