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Secret Santa Gift

Paul had seen the advertisements all over the city. How could he not when Chris Hemsworth’s gorgeous face was everywhere, smirking down at him as if to flaunt everything that made him superior to the ‘common folk’ like himself? 

Perhaps it was never the actor’s intention to appear smug but just looking at his face made Paul’s stomach turn in distaste, knowing that he would never achieve such success. He could work hard every day of his life - and indeed he had - but luck had never been on his side. Any teenage dreams of living a glamorous lifestyle were long behind him, leaving him as a thirty-three year old man with an office job that didn’t fulfill him in the slightest and a petty frustration directed towards a hunky Australian actor that didn’t even know he existed.

As such, when Paul opened the gift he had been granted during the office Secret Santa gift exchange, there was a certain as he discovered the Chris Hemsworth-endorsed new fragrance from Hugo Boss dropping into the palm of his hand. “Oh!” he exclaimed, “Thanks. This is… great.” What Paul failed to mention was that he didn’t really have too much of a social life so his options for wearing aftershave were limited. Then again, considering it was a new fragrance it had to have been expensive and he didn’t want to seem ungrateful after somebody had indulged a considerable amount of money into the gift.

It had been days since the office Christmas party in which they had exchanged gifts and the aftershave remained on the dresser in Paul’s bedroom, unopened and still proudly displaying Chris Hemsworth’s handsome face on its packaging. It was only when Paul received an impromptu invitation to go to a local bar with some of the other residents of the apartment building he lived in that he decided to open his gift and try the new scent out.

After the cologne was experimentally applied to his wrist, Paul confessed to himself that the smell was actually rather pleasant. The scent reminded him of the ocean and he paused for a moment, closing his eyes to imagine himself stood on a sandy beach looking out at the sun. Immediately he felt quite relaxed and the anxiety bubbling away at the back of his mind over putting himself into a social situation with so many unknown factors died down.

Grabbing a plain white shirt from his wardrobe and a black tie that would nicely compliment it, Paul stripped out of his plain clothes and stepped into the shower. He had only lived in the apartment building for a few months and he wanted to make a good impression, which meant he was perhaps putting in more effort than he would otherwise.

Scrubbing away the sweat and grime that had built up after a long day of work, Paul once again found himself in a state of relaxation quite unlike anything he had felt in recent weeks with the stress of his work and the Christmas season building up to create quite the chaotic life. Closing his eyes once more, Paul let his mind wander and was bemused at how quickly the unfairly handsome visage of Chris Hemsworth faded into his mind’s eye. 

While his mind recreated the Hugo Boss posters that had been following Paul throughout the city, his body was busy recreating something else entirely. The transformation began at his feet, expanding several sizes with his toes becoming thicker. The changes continued up to his growing calves and thighs which blasted out with muscle, leaving him with a seriously ripped lower half.

All the while Paul remained unaware of his physical changes, instead opting to reach down to his half-hard cock and begin stroking. He had hardly allowed himself to think about just how beautiful Chris Hemsworth was, especially in that expensive suit he wore in the posters, and now that he had a moment alone it seemed like the perfect time to properly appreciate that. His cock sprung to attention, more than agreeing with the sentiment. 

Paul’s upper body quickly followed the lead of its lower half, his slender torso packing on muscle with every passing second. Two solid slabs of muscle formed enviable pecs while a full six-pack of abs formed out of the layer of fat which had once coated his stomach. Every part of him had screamed ‘Average Joe’ but each change to his body made it clear there was going to be absolutely nothing average about him anymore.

The twig-like arms that had seemingly resisted putting on any muscle throughout Paul’s life suddenly sprung to life, his biceps and triceps working overtime as his upper arms became the size of footballs. His forearms gained a coating of dark blond hair, while his hands grew bigger and digits longer. Even the feel of his hand around his shaft was different - rougher, perhaps, as if he’d spent too much time gripping weights in the gym.

As Paul neared his climax, the transformation that had been consuming his body accelerated. His jawline widened and began to sport designer stubble while his dark brown hair lightened considerably. Every feature of his face shifted, his thin nose widening, elephant-like ears pushing back and eyes leaving their brown color behind to become a dazzling blue.

With just a few more excited strokes of his shaft, Paul’s body shuddered and the changes were complete. His cock grew to a glorious nine inches, far above the passable but definitely average he had sported before. The shower wall was decorated in his release and he finally opened his eyes, chuckling in a deep voice that was certainly not his own. 

There was no immediate recognition of his rather startling changes. Instead he simply cleaned up the mess he had made and then soaped up his muscular body, reaching every area from his armpits to his delightfully round ass and beyond. He did the rounds as if it was a daily thing and he hadn’t just doubled in size and muscularity. 

Stepping out of the shower, Paul wiped away at the steamed-up mirror to properly admire himself. As he stared at his Hollywood reflection, memories of his life as Paul were locked away in a room at the back of his mind. Instead, the history of Chris Hemsworth became the overriding thoughts in his mind and he thought little of it, simply embracing his new identity as if it had always been his.

Dressing up in the white shirt and tie he had picked out from his wardrobe earlier, the new Chris was hardly surprised to find that the shirt hugged him so tightly that every single one of his upper body muscles was proudly on display. He didn’t mind - if anything he rather liked having people stare at him. He’d put the hard work in at the gym for a reason, after all!

Grabbing the cologne bottle from the hotel room dresser, Chris sprayed some on his neck and the fraction of his upper chest revealed by the undone buttons on his shirt. He was sure as hell thankful that Hugo Boss sent him free bottles of the cologne he was promoting because it was the best damn thing he had ever worn and drove both men and women wild. It was as if the bottles they were sending him had some special mystical ingredient in it. 

The Christmas season had been a chaotic one but Chris was glad to have the opportunity to unwind with some average people instead of at some cliquey Hollywood party. Either way, he was on a plane back to Australia tomorrow to see his family and close out the year the way the Hemsworth brothers always did - drunk on a beach with their shirts off!

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