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Secret Gang Activity

Zac Efron’s not exactly the kind of guy that you would think to attach to any sort of gang activity. Relatively cookie-cutter and harmless, he was viewed by many - and correctly so - as nothing more than a young man who was out enjoying his famous life and rightly so after all the hard work he’d out in over the years. He was busy promoting his latest movie Baywatch and was having a blast traveling around the world to premieres with his castmates.

Unfortunately for Zac his trip to Spain for the premiere in Madrid had something else in store for him than his usual parties and alcohol-fueled evenings. A local gang - the Spanish Sons - were looking to expand out of the city and crush some of their competitors in the process. The presence of a popular celebrity in their city provided an opportunity for them to extend their reach and it wasn’t one they were going to let slip through their fingers.

With only three days in Madrid until he was due to fly to Berlin to promote the film further, Zac was working a rather hectic schedule. He was due to give interviews at a number of different television shows, not to mention the radio shows he’d been booked to talk on so he was spending most of his car either driving or walking between buildings across the city with only his assistant by his side making sure they remained on time for all their appointments.

Considering they were running slightly behind schedule and needed to hurry, Zac’s assistant suggested that they cut through a few alleyways in a rougher part of the city in order to make their next interview on time. Although he was initially hesitant of getting mugged, Zac finally agreed and set off with his assistant, hoping that his shades did enough to disguise him so he wasn’t recognized for being a famous movie star. He’d been mobbed by fans more than once already on the trap.

Barely ten steps down the first alleyway Zac suddenly felt firm hands grabbing him by the shoulders and was immediately alarmed. Before he could even react he was forced against the wall with something pressed against the small of his back - something that felt remarkably like a gun. Zac was understandably terrified, breathing heavily and silently praying that his attacker would be content with just stealing his wallet when he realized that his assistant was stood nearby wearing a neutral expression.

“What the hell, dude?” Zac hissed, feeling more than a little confused. Why wasn’t his assistant reacting to the fact that his employer was currently at gunpoint and clearly in distress?

Instead his assistant let out a sigh and shrugged his shoulders. “They offered me money. A lot of money. I couldn’t really say no,” he explained, provoking even more questions in Zac’s mind. Who was they and what did they want with him? It certainly wasn’t just going to be an autograph or two, he was pretty sure of that.

Before he could even begin to question it, Zac was further startled by the presence of a body pressing against his back, replacing the gun. Oh hell, is this something sexual? It was a terrifying thought and one he presumed was on the mark as he felt something push inside of him. The sensation wasn’t centralized to his ass though, it had spread up his back and even down his arms as if someone was physically pushing into him and not stopping.

“Wha… what?” Speech felt impossibly difficult as the strange feeling spread to his head, leaving Zac with a throbbing headache and a mess of confused thoughts. He could hear somebody else’s voice - a man talking in Spanish - and yet it sounded like that voice was coming from inside of his head rather than down the alleyway. Clever boy, the accented voice said, following it up with a laugh and really spiking Zac’s terror. Was there somebody reading his mind or was he just past the point of paranoia?

The most confusing part of this whole situation was how Zac suddenly found himself getting hard as he was pushed firmly against the wall and feeling somebody press against him - or into him. That shouldn’t have even been possible and yet he wasn’t sure he could tell where he ended and his attacker begun anymore. His limb were starting to move on their own, hands clenching into fists without his instructions to, and it was simply terrifying.

“Are you in?” his assistant timidly asked from next to him. Zac wanted to rage and scream in response but suddenly found himself unable to do so. For some reason his mouth was no longer responding. In fact no part of his body was responding to him at all, as if he was in the passenger seat of his own body.

“I’m in,” his own voice confirmed as he stepped away from the wall and brushed himself down. Zac screamed, only no voice came out of his mouth. He had lost all control of his own body and it was terrifying. He could see through his own eyes but do nothing to stop the invader from moving around in his skin and exploring his memories in order to convince people that absolutely nothing had changed.

That night Zac Efron attended the Madrid premiere of his new movie Baywatch. For the vast majority of people there didn’t seem anything out of the ordinary. Sure, Zac seemed a little more charismatic than usual but nobody suspected anything more than him having a drink or two before the start of the premiere. They certainly didn’t suspect that there was somebody else in the driver’s seat of his body, especially not somebody with a prescribed loyalty to one of Madrid’s fiercest gangs.

Raoul had been the lucky man to win the poker game that decided who would possess Zac when they finally got him alone and he honestly couldn’t be happier about it. The actor’s body was younger and far more muscular than his own had been and he’d certainly had fun exploring it in private before the premiere. Thinking and speaking in English was something of a change but he was willing to take everything in his stride right now when the body came with so many benefits.

As much as he was going to enjoy his new life as a celebrity stud, Raoul wouldn’t let himself forget why he was in this situation in the first place. His boss had instructed him to recruit more people and spread the Spanish Sons’ influence across the globe. They would be far more than a gang in time - they would be an empire and he was going to be a key part of that. 

Much to his ever-quietening frustration, so was Zac Efron…

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