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Saving the Relationship

There was really no denying that the love between Fergus and his long-term boyfriend had long since died out. Their relationship had become one merely of convenience - they lived together and ran in the same social circles so a split would only make things unnecessarily complicated. Whenever they were in the privacy of their apartment, they spent little time together and even the common staples of conversation between the two of them had died out. They remained friends but whenever Fergus looked at Lewis he could hardly remember the cute college boy he had fallen for so many years ago.

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, neither man was overly looking forward to the fuss the public holiday would cause. Despite their loveless relationship, they were still expected by their friends and families to make an effort for the other, only this year Fergus could hardly find it in him to care. He was desperate to move on from the relationship and the monotony it had brought into his life but he knew that things weren’t quite that simple. He had to be realistic and there was simply no way he could deal with major changes without putting himself at serious financial and emotional risk.

The night before Valentine’s Day, Fergus hardly felt confident about his choice of gift nor the eye-rolling and excruciating events of the following day that would surely greet him. Before finally resting his head on the pillow, he made a silent prayer that he would have the strength to make it through the day with a smile on his face.

Maintaining a smile the next day was much easier than Fergus had ever anticipated, as he awoke to find himself miraculously freed from the relationship that had chained him down for numerous years. It came at the cost of his family, friends and his own body but as he posed in front of the mirror, admiring the unfamiliar reflection, the young man didn’t consider that much of a negative. He had traded in a body that he had only ever considered to be average at best for one that made his jaw drop and thoughts go wild.

An investigation of the various social media apps on the cell phone that he found nearby told Fergus a number of key pieces of information. This body originally belonged to Cayden Erickson, a college athlete-turned-stuntman who had been unhappy with his lack of success in the relationship department. He received regular offers for no-strings-attached hook-ups from guys who only valued him for his looks but they had never interested Cayden. From what Fergus could understand, the other man had wished to experience Valentine’s Day with a romantic partner looking for more than just playtimes which he supposed was totally understandable.

What Fergus did struggle to understand was exactly how the situation had come to pass. Had some higher power heard their wishes and decided they would be a perfect match for each other’s lives? He wasn’t sure he’d ever get the answer but, truth be told, it hardly seemed important anyway. This year Valentine’s Day wasn’t going to be quite so exhausting - or at least not so emotionally taxing. Considering he was now a single man on the day of lonely hearts, there was definitely the potential to feel somewhat physically exhausted by the time the night was over.

As the new Cayden welcomed his new life as a bachelor with the world at his feet, across the city the new Fergus awoke his boyfriend with a loving kiss and the promise of a renewed relationship. Cupid watched both moments with a proud smile on his face, happy to see that once again love had won the day.

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