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Rule Breaker

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Joel took his job as a flight attendant very seriously. It was all he’d wanted to do growing up, after all - something that his parents always joked was due to Britney Spears’ “Toxic” video - and he’d worked hard to get where he was in life. Doing something to sabotage his position would be incredibly reckless and totally out of character for him. Everyone had weak moments though and he was most certainly no exception.

Very few people knew about Joel’s access to transformation magic. It was hardly something he advertised, after all, and he did his best to keep tight rein on himself to ensure that he wasn’t using his magic in a selfish or manipulative manner. That led to a dark path and certainly not one he wanted for himself. He had vowed to never use his powers while he was working but all that came into question when he crossed paths with one particular passenger.

Having celebrities on board always got Joel and the other flight attendants gossiping but the presence of gay Olympian Gus Kenworthy on the flight caused something of a stir deep inside him. For the first time in a long while he felt a desperate craving as he caught sight of the beautiful young man with his thick arms and beautiful tattoo sleeve. He was a walking wet dream and his body immediately became an object for fantasy for Joel - a fantasy that he simply lacked the strength to hold back from.

Before he even realized that he was tapping into his magic, Joel had switched bodies with the athlete. Finding himself suddenly seated in the first class area, resting on the luxury chair with his feet up was startling but Joel knew he had to work first to prevent a scene from occurring. He locked eyes with his own body, the terrified wide eyes revealing Gus to currently be occupying it, and this time knowingly extended the reach of his magic to encompass the other’s mind. He wasn’t using his magic to switch them back but rather to place a command in Gus’ mind that he would be forced to obey - Your name is Joel McKenna. You’re a flight attendant. Go on living your life until I tell you otherwise.

Gus Kenworthy

The panic left his face shortly after that and Joel’s body gave a nervous smile for shuffling away, leaving the real Joel inside Gus’ body to try and comprehend what had happened. His own mind and magic had gone rogue on him, giving him a body that was desirable beyond belief but he understandably wasn’t too upset. Maybe an unplanned vacation from work would be good for him.

Relaxing back into the seat, Joel considered what he would do when the plane landed at its destination. He wasn’t sure what Gus had planned originally but Joel was going to make sure that his time as Gus was spent with as many minimally-dressed hunks as possible - and he planned to be among them as everyone’s favorite gay Olympian!

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