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Marvel: The New Spider-Man

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Based on the story The New Spider-Man from April 2014

Like most residents of New York City I was a big fan of Spider-Man. How could I not be? He was a superhero that was committed to keeping bad guys off the street whether they were everyday muggers or supervillains from space looking to rule over mankind. The kids adored him, the adults were thankful for him and pretty much everyone wanted to either kiss him or be him.

Me? I was definitely in the latter group.

I never planned to end up as a forty-year-old man still working in the convenience store his childhood neighbor owned but life had never given me the opportunities to escape the tedium. I felt robbed of a life filled with excitement and passion so of course I wanted to be a high-flying superhero with the world at his feet. Despite not knowing Spider-Man’s true identity I had no doubt he would be effortlessly cool and be able to get whatever and whoever he wanted. That was the kind of sway I wanted over people but knew I would never have.

My unorthodox interest in becoming Spider-Man quickly became an obsession as I tried to find a way to make it happen. In a world where the chitauri could attack from the skies and self-aware robots could try and take over the world there had to be some sort of method to switch bodies with another. Thankfully it didn’t take me too long to find such a way as I discovered that my boss’ son was a tech genius in the making with an internship at tech guru.

“I don’t understand, why do you want me to make a body swap device?” he asked naively, totally clueless to my true intentions. It wasn’t as if I’d led with the story that I was planning to switch with one of New York City’s most beloved superheroes.

“I’ll pay you an extra fifty bucks not to ask questions,” I sighed, knowing it would win him over. College kids were always strapped for cash, even ones with luxurious internships like him. I would be paying him handsomely for his invention and it was enough to buy his silence and keep him in the dark about my true intentions.

Getting Spider-Man into a position where I could steal his body wasn’t overly difficult. All I had to do was call in a favor from a buddy and have him stage a mugging on me. As predicted the wall-crawler swung into action and ‘scared’ the mugger off before turning to ask me if I was okay.

“I’m going to be,” I muttered under my breath before activating the device and throwing it towards him. Just as predicted the superhero caught it in mid-air with quick reflexes and unknowingly triggered the switch.

I wasn’t sure how I expected switching bodies to feel but the pain that suddenly overcame me was certainly alarming. It felt like something was clawing at my chest, ripping me out of my own body and pulling me forward. I wanted to scream but found that I was no longer in control of my own body, having gone completely rigid. Through wet eyes I could see that the same had happened to Spider-Man and I knew I was being right towards him.

For several short seconds I felt totally exposed to the world as if suddenly robbed of all my clothes before I slammed into something hard and solid. My vision blacked out after that and I gasped desperately, my chest rising and falling as I struggled to regain my breath. 

As my vision finally returned I realized I was looking through something. It didn’t take long to identify it as the lenses of a mask and my heart leaped in pride as I knew what that must mean. I had been successful after all - I was now Spider-Man!

Adjusting to the life of high school junior Peter Parker was definitely a strange experience considering I had previously been a forty-year-old shop assistant who was overlooked by pretty much everyone in his life. Even though Peter was something of a nerd and didn’t exactly have many friends in the popular crowds, he still caught the attention of cute girls and that was more than enough for me to have a little fun. I didn’t know if Peter had lost his virginity before our switch but within days I had fucked one of the sluttier cheerleaders after being invited over one night.

Despite a lot of my attention being caught up in enjoying the younger body I was now in possession of, I still made sure to continue Peter’s regular duties as Spider-Man. Swinging through the air at great speeds and fighting bad guys came so naturally to this body and even if I wasn’t quite as efficient as the real Spider-Man was I knew I would grow into the role. I was having the time of my life as an ass-kicking crime fighter and I couldn’t help but want even more.

I knew all too well that the real Peter Parker was out there looking for a way to get his body back but I wasn’t overly concerned. After all I wasn’t going to fall into a trap quite as easily as he had done and I was beginning to research ways to defend myself from an attempted body swap. Maybe I didn’t have as bright a mind as Parker but it turned out he had connections in OsCorp and I was able to make a few hypothetical questions which seemed to be going somewhere positive.

Several weeks after stealing this new body and life for myself I was called into action to investigate a crashed rocket just outside of the city. The pilots had gotten out just fine but they had all claimed that something inside the rocket caused them to crash - namely a strange black goo that seemed to have a mind of its own. Knowing that it was precisely something that the real Spider-Man would investigate, I didn’t hesitate to jump into action.

Once I had reached the crash site it didn’t take me long to encounter the black goo mentioned in their stories. It had completely covered the cockpit and seemed to be shifting every second, reaching out into every corner it could possibly get to. It seemed to notice my sudden presence too and for several seconds it became incredibly still as if prepared for an attack. A simple inspection of it was enough to tell me that it had a mind of its own but before I could even begin to guess what exactly it was, a portion of the goo leaped towards me and collided with my chest!

“Fuck, fuck, fuck– get off me!” I grunted, surprised at how solid and strong the black substance was as I pulled at it. Much to my horror it was spreading across my chest and within seconds the red-and-blue costume that I wore so proudly had been covered by the shiny black matter.

Even as I desperately clawed at my chest, trying to remove what was surely some alien attacker from me, I could feel a change in my body. It was strange but as the substance spread across my arms I felt strong and my chest seemed to be puffing out without my doing anything. Even more bizarre was as it moved down past my crotch and I felt myself get excited, a noticeable bulge starting to grow.

Ours,” a voice in my head hissed, catching me off guard.

“Fuck,” I moaned again, this time provoked by pleasure rather than panic. The substance had completely covered my body from head to toe and as I stared down myself it was impossible to deny that I was changing. My feet seemed further away as my body began to lengthen and put me much closer to six foot than my seventeen year old body had been. My muscles swelled too until I was no longer simply lean and defined but undeniably muscular and enviously ripped. Even with my body covered by a now black costume I could speculate that I now possessed a body that was probably more fitting of a man in his twenties than a teenage boy.

My feet had grown several sizes and my thighs were certainly thicker with muscle with the tight confines of my costume highlighting every curve and detail of my newly improved body. Strangely it felt like the shimmering black substance had dissolved through the iconic costume I had been wearing and was now in direct contact with me skin, stimulating and pleasuring me all around in equal measure. 

We want the same thing,” the voice in my head hissed. I quickly understood it to be the voice of the alien material that now covered my body and I had no issues with it being able to communicate with me. “We can give you the power you deserve.”

“Power,” I gasped, realizing immediately that it was what I was craving. Even though I had been strong as Spider-Man I knew that I wanted more and this… this symbiote that now covered my body was the only thing that could give me what I was craving so desperately. “We’re going to get the power we deserve.”

That’s it… give in… give in and become Venom.”

I didn’t need telling twice, not when I felt so incredibly strong and hungry for the power that only the Venom symbiote could provide me with. No longer was I your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, hero of New York City. I was something much better - and more importantly, much stronger.

“We are Venom.”

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