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Revisited: Best Served Cold

I’ve been alive for fifty years now and a teacher for twenty-three of those so you can understand when I say that I’ve met a lot of different people throughout my life. I’ve taught hundreds, if not thousands, and while many students eventually fade from my memories, there are some that stick around. Usually those students leaving lasting impressions are the most engaged and kindest - or they’re the utmost opposite and an absolute devil to teach.

In all my years though, I’m not sure I’d ever met anybody as comparable to the devil as Jamie Costan. At eighteen years old he was in his senior year and yet still managed to possess less maturity than any of the kids in my freshman classes. He sauntered around the school as if he owned the place and while he had very little respect for any teacher, I seemed to be his favorite verbal punching bag. He picked on everything from my weight (which I didn’t think was actually too bad) to my receding hairline and these ‘jokes’ of his came daily and without any remorse.

I had complained to the principal and the school board multiple times concerning Jamie’s treatment of both myself and other members of staff but he rarely seemed to receive any more than a metaphorical slap on the wrist. It was obvious that the only reason he hadn’t been expelled was because his uncle was one of the school’s governors and was protecting his nephew even when he didn’t deserve it. Jamie didn’t even have the brains to back up his arrogance, he was a complete waste of a test paper.

The final straw came when I found out that Jamie was seducing my sixteen year old niece and was somehow managing to fool my sister into believing that her daughter had caught the attention of a nice young gentleman. That wasn’t the case at all and seeing Jamie leer at Lianna made my skin crawl in disgust. There was no way I could allow that relationship to go ahead so I had to do something to stop it and it didn’t take me long to decide exactly what it was I needed to do. In fact there was a part of me that had been anticipating it happening for months but this was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak and I was sure of my plan now.

The sapphire was something of a curious family heirloom that had been left to me when my grandfather passed away almost forty years ago. He had told me stories about it when I was a child, claiming that it was able to grant one wish of each male in our family before being passed onto the next owner. My grandmother had been infertile and my grandfather had used it to wish for a child which had led to the birth of my mother. I was the next in line to inherit the sapphire and I promised my grandfather that I wouldn’t waste my one wish.

Considering how miserable Jamie had made my life over the past four years and how his reign of terror looked to be extending to my family though, I knew this was the only possibility for my wish. I had to take drastic action and it had to be done right at that very moment. Uncovering the sapphire from where I had placed it on the top shelf of my bookcase, I smiled at the azure blue rock and allowed myself to think of my long gone grandfather. I knew he would approve of my wish - I was looking out for family, after all.

Clasping the sapphire tight in my hands, I closed my eyes and allowed myself to open up and feel the power of the rock spread throughout me. My mother had always been doubtful of her father’s story about how she had been conceived but now that I held the rock in my hands with every intention of making a wish I could feel the power he had once told me about. All that remained was to finally make that wish - “I wish I could make Jamie Costan as he has made me feel.”

I had no idea just how fast-acting my revenge would be, nor quite how powerful the magic of the sapphire was. Almost immediately I felt the world shift around me and my body began flush with a tickling warmth that left me closing my eyes tightly and gasping for breath. The warmth increased to a fiery heat that caused me to wince but the pain was merely fleeting and quickly replaced by something I could only define as strength.

The sudden sensation of a gentle breeze hitting my bare skin was certainly surprising considering I was indoors and wearing a pale blue shirt but opening my eyes confirmed that neither of these statement were true anymore. I was stood in an open field with a number of high school and college-aged young adults which immediately had me in a panic. What was I doing there?

Glancing down, I was surprised to find that I did not see the body I had grown so used to in my advanced age. My skin was perfectly smooth and pale, suggesting that I was suddenly now much younger than my fifty years might suggest. There was no sagging gut or wrinkling skin but instead a toned chest with an unmistakable tattoo over my right-side ribs. I would know that tattoo anywhere because Jamie hadn’t hesitated to show it off upon returning from spring break earlier in the year. 

My confusion quickly gave way to the overwhelming feeling of pride as I realized my wish had been granted in a most unexpected way: switching my body with Jamie’s! I could already imagine him finding himself in my unimpressive body wondering if he could even get hard anymore, let alone impress all the girls he had been treating so poorly. He’d be utterly horrified and just thinking about it was beginning to cause my first stiffy in years, making the jeans I was wearing a lot tighter in the crotch area.

“Jamie! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” a familiar feminine voice declared as I felt delicate hands wrapped around my waist. Seconds later and Lianna, my niece, was leaning up to press a kiss to my lips. I was surprised to find that my initial reaction wasn’t disgust - it was pleasure. Even though a part of me knew it was wrong I allowed the kiss to deepen and moved my hands down to grab Lianna’s ass through the fabric of her tight skirt. She was looking damn hot all dolled up like this!

The real Jamie didn’t get a chance to confront me until school began the next day and by that point I had all but settled into my new younger body, especially thanks to the assistance from Lianna who I now only saw as one of my many playthings rather than my niece. Jamie’s arrogant and obnoxious personality completely overwhelmed me and I was happy to give in, believing myself to be the king of the school and my English teacher to be nothing more than a jealous old man who had clearly lost his mind because he’d heard rumors I was fucking his niece. He was claiming that we had switched bodies and even if there was still a small voice in the back of my head that knew it was true, that voice was so quiet that it was easy to choose not to listen to it.

That sad old fart even offered to blow me if I would give him his body back which I of course agreed to just to get the chance to humiliate him some more. Seeing him cry and hearing him beg was a pretty great feeling but there was no chance in hell I was believing his insane story. No, the more he harped on about it the more I was considering getting in contact with my uncle who just so happened to be one of the school’s governors. 

I really don’t think it would be all that difficult to get my crazy English teacher fired for harassing me. It’s pretty much all he deserves anymore, isn’t it? The thought of kicking him out of the school filled me with great excitement, as if I was finally getting resolution for some great injustice done to me. I guess it’s like he always said - revenge is best served cold and he’s got one hell of a surprise coming his way when he’s shoved out into the cold life of middle-aged unemployment!

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