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Revisited: Best Friends

Based on the story Best Friends from November 2013

Manny and I were unlikely best friends and we both knew that. He was six-foot-two, a regular at the gym and as straight as can be. Meanwhile I stood at a relatively measly five-foot-eight, had never even lifted a weight before and had known I was gay since I was twelve years old. Despite our differences we fit well together and never once questioned our partnership even if Manny’s numerous ex-girlfriends and my bullies did. 

Over the eight years of our friendship though, we had never quite faced something as strange as this together. An innocent trip to the circus that had rolled into town for the weekend had brought about something that I had only ever dreamed of once before, when I had been a horny fourteen year old who couldn’t tell the difference between friendship and attraction. Sure, I’m not denying that Manny’s an attractive man because of course he is but I never felt any romantic feelings towards him. 

What am I talking about? Oh yeah, thanks to the actions of a rather bizarre masked-man at one of the stalls in the circus Manny and I had now switched bodies for the remainder of the weekend.

I’d stared at Manny’s face for years now so you would think it wouldn’t be too strange seeing it reflected back at me in the mirror. That totally wasn’t the case though because it was as if I hardly recognized that handsome visage at all. Now that I was inside his body Manny felt like a total stranger and I knew he was feeling the exact same way about me and my body too. It was quite a lot to adjust to when you were so used to being the opposite end of the ‘masculinity scale’. 

Even with Manny’s body I was still definitely myself with my own thoughts and personality. My sexual interests hadn’t changed either which presented something of a problem when I found myself alone with Manny’s body and an intense desire to explore. I knew it was wrong or me to do that without Manny’s permission considering it was his body and everything but I was already rock hard from seeing how his muscled flexed and tensed and I had never been very good at resisting temptation.

There were moments in my life when I had dreamed about having a body like Manny’s but eventually I had come to accept that it was never going to happen. I didn’t have the time or dedication to put into a regular exercise routine or diet like he did. A body like this had always been out of reach for me but now… well now I had the opportunity to see how it felt to be like Manny for a whole weekend.

Eventually I gave into the temptation to explore this body properly. How could I not when it was unlikely I’d ever get this chance again? I placed myself in front of the bathroom mirror and admired as I posed, flexing his guns and tensing so his abs were clearly defined. I even took a few pictures on my phone just for future reference. 

I was rock hard throughout my inspection of Manny’s body and though I knew it would be even more wrong for me to get off in his body I simply couldn’t help myself anymore. His cock had to be eight inches hard and as I wrapped my hand around it I let out a low, growling moan. The appendage was more sensitive than my own and as I became to stroke I could feel the pleasure reverberating around my body.

By the time I hit my climax and came all over my reflection I had already decided this was going to be one of the best weekends of my life. Even worse, I wasn’t looking forward to Sunday night when the spell would finally wear off and I’d have to go back to being plain old skinny me. With that in mind I began making plans to hit my favorite gay club in town. Manny didn’t have to know what I was doing and it wasn’t like he’d ever run into any of those guys again. It might not be an ideal situation for him but I just want the chance to enjoy being a stud and the hottest guy in the room. Surely he’d let me have that, right?

I mean, we are best friends and best friends do anything for each other!

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