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Restarting As An Intern

Bradley Graham-Smith was the man who had it all figured out. He’d graduated college at the top of his business management class and within five years was the junior CEO of an international company. Just two years after that and he was the primary shareholder, public face of the company and easily the richest man in the business. He was as powerful as could be which explained why he had so little time for anybody not working at an equal level to him.

Despite having a near perfect life - money, a gorgeous wife, a well toned body - Bradley was well known in the company for having something of a poor attitude and fiery anger issues. Just recently he had fired one of the interns after they had mixed up several important files before a meeting with a rival company. It had taken Bradley all of seconds to explode and then the poor young intern was sent packing just minutes later.

Two weeks later and that very same intern was working as an underpaid barista while he desperately tried to find a new internship. He was desperate to break into business, even knowing that there were men like Mr Graham-Smith lingering about. By chance the coffee shop that Bradley usually occupied was closed for the day so he was forced to turn to an alternative - and who else should he be served by than the intern he had fired just weeks earlier?

With little time for anybody other than himself and his gaze almost solely fixed on his cell phone, the CEO didn’t recognize the barista. As far as he was concerned interns were disposable and he forgot their faces the moment they left his office. It was this ignorance that allowed his former intern to get his revenge. With Bradley distracted by his emails, the barista slipped a small pill into the other’s coffee before handing it over.

To most people, regressing in age to become a young adult would be considered a blessing. For Bradley though, it would have rather severe results. With every sip from the coffee cup he lost several months of his age and within fifteen minutes had managed to lose twenty-two years until looked no older than twenty years old.

As Bradley left the coffee shop he was mildly aware of the fact that his shirt seemed strangely big on him and his expensive watch kept sliding down his wrist but he was simply too busy replying to important emails to worry. It wasn’t until he reached the entrance lobby and was immediately stopped by one of the guards that he noticed something was wrong.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he asked snidely before pausing to reflect on how different he sounded. The gravel that had developed in his voice over the years had gone, leaving him sound… well, youthful. “Do you know who I am?”

The guard snorted. “As a matter of fact, no I don’t,” he retorted, placing a hand on Bradley’s chest and pushing him back roughly. “So why don’t you go sit in the waiting area to get collected instead of marching on through?”

Bradley was furious. How dare a lowly guard talk to him like that! “You’re fired!” he snarled, further infuriated by the barking laugh that was returned. “I’m serious, get the hell out of here!”

“Excuse me, excuse me!” a feminine voice chimed in. Still fuming, Bradley turned his head sharply to see Gina, his secretary, hobbling forward on her ridiculously high heels. She was a beautiful woman with a nice rack and gorgeous curves but Bradley was committed to his wife and managed to keep it in his pants. He couldn’t help admiring her.

“I was just about to have this kid escorted out, ma’am,” the guard explained, his hand still planted on Bradley’s chest. The CEO saw red. Kid? Who the hell was he to call him kid?

Gina giggled and shook her head. “Oh no, I think you’re mistaken! This is Josh, he’s Mr Graham-Smith’s new intern!” she chimed in, flashing a smile in Bradley’s direction and causing him to freeze in his tracks. He couldn’t believe what he’d just heard. Had she just intended him as a damn intern?

“Intern with an attitude problem,” the guard grunted in response before finally dropping his hand. “Hopefully this one sticks around longer than the last. Must be crazy too if he wants to put up with that douchebag.”

Bradley’s blood boiled. He couldn’t believe somebody on his payroll had the nerve to disrespect him in such a manner! To make it worse Gina simply giggled again and slapped the man on his - admittedly large - bicep. He’d had no idea that his own secretary was content to disrespect him behind his own back and he was about to call her out on it when he heard somebody clearing their throat directly behind him.

“Oh, sorry sir!” the guard suddenly exclaimed, standing up straighter and backing away with an uncomfortable look in his eyes. Gina too looked similarly tense, the way she always did when he barked orders at her. A shiver ran down Bradley’s spine as he slowly turned to look behind him, fearing the worst.

Sure enough, he was greeted by the worst. Standing in front of him was undeniably the CEO of the company, Bradley Graham-Smith, with the expensive suit and perfectly styled hair completing the image. There was a horrible twisting in Josh’s gut as the new arrival smirked at him.

“So you must be my new intern…”

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