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I could hardly believe my eyes when I was gifted a brand new body - the body of my dreams - for Christmas by my good friend Jacob. He had recognized my envy for the social media influencers of today, with their hot bodies, gorgeous faces and opportunities that us ordinary folks could only dream of. It was fair to say that I was lustful of their lifestyles as even though I didn’t do bad for myself I never felt like I could match up. Once Jacob had switched me into Luke’s body though, my life took a drastic turn. I was now every bit the stud I had admired for so long, with his toned hairy body and perfectly styled hair. Every part of him was groomed to perfection in a way that I didn’t even know was possible until I saw it up close for myself.

The week between Christmas when I arrived in my new body and the New Year was a fun time. I was able to test Luke’s body out at the gym, exceeding all of my usual personal bests and fitting in much better with all of the bigger guys who had intimidated me previously. The time was also spent exploring my new body in a more personal setting and I recruited Luke’s friend Sean to help me with that, getting his hands squeezing my pecs and his pretty lips around my shaft. Every part of my body was so much bigger than it had been before and while it took some time to get used to that muscle mass and increased size, it was a challenge I welcomed with open arms.

As New Year’s Eve rolled around and I began preparing myself for the party being thrown by another of Luke’s friends, I took a moment to think about the year ahead. I had a full three-hundred and sixty-five days in Luke’s body yet to come - potentially even more if I could convince the real Luke that he didn’t want to switch back come December next year. There were so many possibly adventures to have that I could only have dreamed of previously. Doors had opened to me through Luke’s social media connections that promised trips around the world, the finest branded clothing and hanging out with some of the most handsome men and beautiful women that could be found. Those options had never been available to me before and it was so tempting to dive headfirst into my newfound privileges but I knew that wasn’t the correct play. Being reckless with Luke’s body wouldn’t pay off in the long run.

While soaping up my body in the shower, rubbing the gel over my furry pecs, I began to put a plan together. If I was truly going to enjoy everything Luke’s body had to offer then there were a few things I needed to do to ensure that the positives kept coming. Luke’s fitness regime was intense - five days in the gym a week with the remaining two days still including half-an-hour high-intensity interval training sessions - and he took his diet incredibly seriously; eating his greens, counting his calories and keeping it all logged. Adapting to the gym wasn’t going to be much of an issue as I had been working out in my old body for the better part of two years but I knew that sticking to the diet was going to be the real struggle. I had always been terrible with self restraint and all of my favourite foods were carb-heavy and therefore would only be available to me in very limited quantities. It was a depressing thought but as I moved my hands down Luke’s cobblestone abs I was reminded exactly why I was doing it.

Stepping out of the shower and drying myself off with the towel, I stared at my reflection in the mirror and set my goals for the following year: no unhealthy snacking, stay consistent with the gym and most importantly have fun. After a tumultuous year I was ready to escape into a new social media influencer paradise and I couldn’t be more thankful to both Jacob and Luke for making it possible. Of course, the other probably wasn’t quite as optimistic about his year ahead but I was sure I could think of a few ways to keep a smile on his face.

With midnight and a new year looming, I pulled on some tight jeans that hugged my muscular quads and thick booty nicely and then a green polo shirt that highlighted my glorious pecs and bulging biceps. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to get comments on the new ink I was sporting too which just made me look even hotter! After applying a dash of aftershave and styling my hair to the best of my ability, I was ready to go. There would no doubt be many lessons I could learn while in Luke’s body but the first one was going to be how well he could hold his liquor as there was no way I was going into the new year without a cocktail in my hand and a kiss from one of my beautiful new best friends!

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