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Replacing His Shirt

Spilling a drink on somebody is always an awkward experience but it’s so much worse when that person happens to be a famous TV star. You hadn’t even known the man walking towards you was Dylan Bruce, the hunky star of Orphan Black until you’d emptied your entire cup of coffee over the front of his pristine white shirt that probably cost more than you made in a month.

“God, you fucking asshole!” he growled, his voice deep enough to send shivers down your spine. Even though he was clearly angry you found that strangely arousing which really wasn’t going to help the situation at all. Dylan was one of the most handsome men you’d ever seen on your television screen and he was even more gorgeous in person even if that handsome face was currently twisted in what could only be described in loathing. “You better replace that!”

Even though you knew there was no way you’d be able to afford to buy him a new shirt, especially with the measly amount of notes you carried around in your wallet, you nodded frantically. “Of course, I’ll get you one right away!”

He ripped off the white shirt and let it fall to the ground in scraps as he revealed his broad furry chest. You did your very best not to look at it even though it was impossibly distracting. “No,” he growled, his dark eyes filled with such dominant power that you felt like jello underneath their fierce glare, “You’ll replace it now.”

His hands clapped down on your shoulders and you winced as you felt his strong grip remain on you. With one simple twist he could probably break your collarbone or pull your arms out of their sockets and the thought of him doing that terrified you. He wouldn’t assault you in broad daylight with people around, would he? Much to your confusion though nobody seemed to be looking at the two of you at all. They walked straight past as if they had no idea that such a heated scene was currently happening in the middle of the sidewalk.

A bubbling began underneath your skin and as you desperately tried to jerk away from his oppressive grip to see what was happening you realized that you couldn’t move at all. “Wh– what’s happening to me?” you asked, your voice weak and fading with every word.

“You’re replacing my shirt,” he declared, as if that was a logical reason for you losing the use of all your limbs and your voice. The bubbling sensation overtook your whole body and you stared in horror as some strange navy blue liquid moved up Dylan’s arms from where he was gripping your shoulders. With his solid grip not letting up for a moment, he pulled you close and you felt yourself melt around his broad chest in a way that shouldn’t have been possible. What was happening to your body?

Within seconds your entire physical being was gone. The navy blue liquid that had once been your arms solidified into fabric sleeves, joining up with what had once been your head, torso and legs to form the body of the shirt. You were now completely wrapped around Dylan Bruce’s broad chest and muscular arms as an expensive navy blue shirt, the perfect replacement for the white one you had ruined only moments before.

“Blue looks better on me anyway,” he declared, deliberately flexing his biceps as he moved to undo the top button of his new shirt. Every little motion of his body sent what could only be described as an orgasmic sensation around your new fabric being and you moaned in delight, knowing that the actor could hear every single one of your thoughts. Then again it’s not as if you were thinking anything other than how great it felt to be wrapped around the body of a hunk and feel his chest hairs tickling against your fabric body while he strides purposefully towards his date with a hot movie star.

By the time the night is over you’re hoping and wishing that he never turns you back into yourself - something he quickly assures you was never even an option. You’re his new favorite shirt and he’s not letting you go that easily!

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