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Playing Spider-Man

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Andrew Garfield confessed that he was a little surprised when he was requested for an interview considering he hadn’t been working on many film projects since wrapping up Hacksaw Ridge. Still, his agent had told him that ‘Cavanaugh Features’ was an important brand in the entertainment industry - even he could admit that he’d heard the name ‘Mr Cavanaugh’ on people’s lips before - and that if he did an interview for their monthly magazine then it would be a great boon to his career.

The interview was to take place in a private meeting room of the rather uniquely named Cavanaugh Kingdom Hotel, a lavish hotel owned by Mr Cavanaugh himself. Even despite his celebrity status Andrew felt strangely out of place among the hotel guests. He’d dressed up in one of his nicest suits as recommended by his agent and yet there seemed to be something about the people around him, all beaming as if they were living the happiest day of their life. It was almost alarming just how widespread that feeling seemed to be.

He was greeted at the reception desk by a man with well-trimmed facial hair and a perfectly slick quiff. He looked like a million bucks, as the saying went, and Andrew was surprised at just how breathless he felt in the other man’s presence, as if there was something magnetic about him that had grabbed a hold of Andrew’s mind and refused to let go. He wasn’t sure he’d ever felt that way about somebody before upon their first introduction, especially not a man.

“Ah, you’re here. Welcome, Mr Garfield, I’m Adrian Boswell, an associate of Mr Cavanaugh. He apologizes that he can’t do this interview in person but would like to assure you that I’m one of his most capable assistants,” the man declared, clasping Andrew’s hand in a firm grip to shake. “Shall we move to somewhere more private?”

Words suddenly seemed like a concept too difficult for Andrew. He swallowed and nodded, surprised by how eager he felt to spend time alone in Adrian’s presence. Andrew had always considered himself to be straight but was it really so strange for a man as handsome and well-dressed as Adrian to make him have doubts? He was sure plenty of straight guys had felt that way before and if not then they certainly would if they ever met Adrian. In fact Andrew wasn’t entirely sure he was completely human because how could anybody possibly be that gorgeous in real life?

After what felt like ten minutes of winding corridors, the two men were finally alone inside a large meeting room with a long desk and floor-to-ceiling windows that looked out across New York City. It was an impressive view and one that had Andrew so captivated that he almost tripped on his path to the chair Adrian offered to him. Immediately color flushed into his cheeks at the thought of embarrassing himself in front of such a handsome man. 

“Are you comfortable?” Adrian asked as he sat down at the head of the long table. Still struggling to find his voice, Andrew simply nodded. “Good, your comfort is our highest priority,” the other man continued, his voice flowing as softly as silk. It sent shivers down the actor’s spine and he laughed nervously, still confused by his own feelings. If Adrian had noticed his odd behavior then he was good at holding a neutral expression and Andrew was glad.

“S-so, uh, what was it you wanted to ask me about?” It was a struggle for Andrew to get the words out and even then it was only with a stammer but he was doing his best not to look so unimpressive in front of Adrian. He wanted the man to like him after all and as he a kind smile flashed across the other man’s face Andrew felt a stirring of excitement in his pants.

Interlacing his fingers as he rest his hands on the table, Adrian replied with a somewhat surprising answer - “Playing Spider-Man, of course.” Andrew blinked, momentarily blindsided by the man’s answer. He hadn’t played the superhero since 2014 and while it was occasionally brought up in interviews, it was never the sole purpose of a meeting. What was Mr Cavanaugh’s interest in a role he’d left behind years ago?

“You probably have the wrong guy,” Andrew mumbled, shaking his head. “They’ve got a new guy playing him. Tom Holland, he’s the new flavor of the month. You’d probably be better talking to him.” Andrew had done his best not to be jealous when he found out that they would be recasting the role of Peter Parker once Spider-Man joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe but there were still moments when he found himself wishing that he was still the one in that iconic superhero costume.

Adrian smiled and once again Andrew found himself taking in a sharp breath, amazed by just how handsome the other man was. “Oh, I’m aware. I’ll be talking to him very soon, actually,” he confirmed with a small nod of his head, “Right now I’d like to talk to you though.”

This all seemed a little strange but being in Adrian’s presence made Andrew feel surprisingly good so he was ready to accept whatever questions he had to answer in order to prolong their meeting. “Of course! I’m happy to answer anything you might want from me,” he confirmed, smiling as his cheeks flushed with color. He couldn’t understand his own reactions to the other man but he was choosing not to question them too much. Rational thinking wasn’t exactly his priority at that very moment.

“Did you enjoy playing Spider-Man?” Adrian asked, his smile as kind and unassuming as ever. If he could somehow sense the conflict in Andrew’s mind at that moment then he was doing a spectacular job in hiding it.

Without even having to think, Andrew nodded. “It was a dream job,” he affirmed. The words slipped out of him so easily that for a moment he felt like he hadn’t even been the ones to say them. “I loved Spider-Man as a kid and… well, who wouldn’t want to be Spider-Man?”

There was something knowing in Adrian’s smile suddenly that Andrew felt reassuring, as if he’d given the answer the other man had been hoping for. “And how did you feel when you heard the role was being recast?” the other man asked, his voice remaining calm and polite. 

“Disappointed,” Andrew replied immediately, his lips pulling down into a slight frown. “Upset. Hurt. Betrayed.” He could still remember the phone call where they had told him that he wouldn’t be in the next Spider-Man film as they were looking for somebody younger who could bring the character into the MCU. He wasn’t sure he’d ever have such an uncomfortable phone call again.

Adrian nodded, obviously understanding and Andrew was glad that the other man was sympathetic towards him. It really hadn’t been a high point in his career at all. “Have you met Mr Holland?” the handsome interviewer asked, provoking a quick nod from Andrew. “How did you feel when you met him?”

“Jealous.” The word slipped out before Andrew could even stop to think of the impact of his words. “I wanted to be in his shoes, to be getting the role for the very first time again.” There it was again, words leaving Andrew’s mouth without any seeming concern for what his brain wanted. He just couldn’t stop himself from confessing the truth even though he knew it could damage his reputation. Letting out a sigh, Andrew ran a hand through his hair and absently nodded that it didn’t feel quite as long and shaggy as it had that morning.

“Do you still feel that way?” Adrian asked, drumming his fingers against the table in a slow and steady rhythm that seemed almost hypnotic the more Andrew paid attention to it. “Do you still want to ‘be in his shoes’ as you put it?”

Andrew moved a hand to his jaw, running his fingers along the smooth skin he found there and mentally questioned when the last time he’d shaved was. He could remember noting that his stubble was beginning to look messy that morning and yet he could no longer feel any facial hair at all which seemed like an impossibility. The mystery of his vanishing stubble wasn’t enough to hold back yet another honest answer from slipping out: “Absolutely.”

“Thank you for your honesty, Mr Holland,” Adrian complimented, rising to his feet and beginning to walk around the table towards Andrew. Once again he found himself lost for words to the point that he couldn’t even bring himself to correct the man on his use of the wrong surname. The other man stopped behind his chair and rest his hands on Andrew’s shoulder, sending a shiver shooting down the actor’s spine. He wasn’t sure why Adrian’s touch had such an effect on him but he couldn’t deny its power.

Several uncomfortable moments of silence passed with Adrian’s hands still firmly on his shoulders before Andrew felt his body starting to react in a surprising manner - namely beginning to tent his black suit pants. Color flooded his cheeks once more as he did his best not to think about the fact he was getting hard as a result of another man’s presence but he could hardly deny his carnal desires for Adrian anymore.

“D– did you have any more questions for me?” Andrew stammered, surprised by just how much his voice sounded different. He hadn’t been aware that his emotions could affect it quite that much, even in their heightened state like that present moment. 

“Just one,” Adrian confirmed, beginning to massage his shoulders. “When are you back on set for the new Avengers film?”

“Tomorrow,” Andrew replied immediately, surprising himself with his answer. He wasn’t in the new Avengers movie at all so why had he felt so sure that he was going back to set for it the very next day? A look at his reflection in the large office windows confirmed possibly the most surprising truth - Tom Holland’s face stared back at him in surprise!

Memories began flooding into the actor’s head, making him doubt if he had ever been Andrew Garfield when he could so clearly remember growing up as Tom Holland. Hell, he could even remember his auditions for the Peter Parker role and when he’d got that fateful call confirming that he’d been successful and would be taking the role over from Garfield!

“Is everything alright, Mr Holland?” Adrian asked as he took a seat directly next to Tom. The young actor glanced in his direction, his heart skipping a beat and cock throbbing as he realized the zipper of the older man’s pants was undone and his hard shaft was tenting his boxers. The smirk on his face felt positively filthy and gave Tom a number of ideas about what to do with him in such a state of partial undress.

Licking his lips, Tom reached over to free his reward from the boxers and lowered himself until he was on his knees at Adrian’s feet. Moments alter and he was being gifted with the head of the man’s cock between his lips with the promise of even more to come. A part of Tom had known that this would be the climax - no pun intended - of their meeting because wasn’t it always? He and Adrian had shared something of a casual sexual relationship ever since Mr Cavanaugh had first requested to meet him almost two years ago upon news of his casting hitting the presses.

The very next day Tom was back on set of the next Avengers movie, dressed in his iconic red-and-blue superhero costume. He loved how tight it was on him, showing off every muscle of his lean body and a considerable bulge in his crotch region. All eyes were on him - as they should be considering he was one of the main stars! 

Rumors started to be passed around claiming that Andrew Garfield had attempted to trespass onto the set and had to be forcibly removed by the security team. Tom could only chuckle and shake his head when he heard the news because he wasn’t even all that surprised. At some point Garfield would have to accept that he wasn’t Spider-Man anymore and that role had been passed onto a much younger and more suitable candidate - himself.

Maybe he’d pay Andrew Garfield a visit at some point and remind him there was only one Spider-Man these days and it wasn’t him. Until then though Tom was going to enjoy every moment of being the world’s favorite wall-crawler and get back to set to show off some more. Adrian had sent him a text to announce that he was going to be visiting the set later with Mr Cavanaugh himself and Tom couldn’t wait to show off just how great his ass looked in his costume to the both of them…

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