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Physala’s Show: Breakfast In Bed

I’ve never been lucky in love. I’ll put that right out there. Every girl I’ve ever been with has gotten sick of me pretty quickly, always telling me that I’m “just not right” for them. Maybe it’s my round face that flushes red all too easily whenever I do anything somewhat physically straining or the fact my belly always hangs over the waistband of my boxers. Exercise has never exactly been one of my strong areas and it’s always had negative results. I just never had the dedication to stick with it long enough to see any results. I had resigned myself to being utterly normal-looking for the rest of my life.

That all changed when my friends and I went to see Physala’s Magic Show one snowy January evening. The only reason we were going at all was because one of my friends had gotten the ticket at a discount and it seemed like a cheap night out. Apparently there was even a free bar at the show! What we hadn’t expected was to arrive and find ourselves among only around thirty audience members, the vast majority of them men with only a few ladies scattered around. 

Physala herself was an imposing woman - easily six foot tall and with rich purple hair that ran halfway down her back. Her gown was darker in color and seemed to shimmer with light whenever she moved. I couldn’t tell if it was because of sequins on the dress or magic but there was definitely something different about her and it made me feel a little uneasy. It was as if she was looking directly into my soul and reading my mind every time we locked eyes.

The show started with what could be described as a light show. Physala somehow produced firework-like lights from her hands, decorating the concert hall in a magnificent display of lights. It was pretty amazing to watch but didn’t really seem all that magical if I was being honest. Thankfully it didn’t take long for her to prove that she was the real deal.

“I understand that there are those of you who would find me more appealing with a different form,” she declared, eyeing up the women and a few of the men. My buddy Shawn shifted somewhat awkwardly in his seat. “I’d be happy to make you feel more at home.” And then, right before my eyes, she began to change. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. She crept up several inches in height as her hair shrunk, pulling itself up with a slicked back style I’d seen on so many ‘cool’ guys before as it darkened from purple to black. Her face reshaped, jaw becoming squarer as stubble began to sprout along the bottom half of her face. Her skintone even became more tanned as her body lost all traces of femininity and was instead replaced by hard masculine muscles. Simply put, Physala had somehow become the most handsome man in the room within thirty seconds.

Next to me, Shawn was totally rigid. His eyes were wide and honestly I couldn’t believe him. How the hell had she managed that? It seemed far beyond the reach of a magic trick that any street performer could attempt. This was a fully blown transformation and it shouldn’t have been possible at all but yet there she was, now apparently taking on the form of a male.

I didn’t hesitate to join in the applause. How could I not when I’d just seen something so outstanding? Suddenly I was eager to learn what other magic Physala could perform for us. Could she - he - really top that?

Apparently yes. He summoned impossible creatures before our very eyes, levitated above us without strings and even brought a man on stage to change his native language to Spanish. He couldn’t speak a drop of English afterwards and I couldn’t believe it. How was Physala managing to do all of this?

By the end of the night I was certain that there was no possible way he could beat what he’d showed off before. I was wrong again.”And now, my friends, I’m going to do something for you all,” he declared, his plump lips smiling at us with just the softest hint of a smirk. “Many of you are not happy with the cards life has dealt you. Let me shuffle the deck, so to speak.”

No sooner had those words echoed around my ears then the entire concert hall was swallowed by a bright purple light radiating from the magician. It was so warm and comfortable as it surrounded that I immediately closed my eyes and let myself relax.

When I woke up I was in for something of a treat.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I’ve never been the kind of guy who gets treated to breakfast in bed by his loving girlfriend very much. Well now things are a little different. I woke up to a beautiful blonde with big tits laying a tray down on my lip and giving me a tender kiss. Her hands moved to my pecs, squeezing them playfully for a moment before she pulled back and skipped out of the room, showing off her perky ass in the process.

You see, I didn’t wake up as the average joe I’d been before. I’m a whole new man now - still Andy Bolan by name but totally different in every other aspect. It’s like life has totally rewritten itself around me, just as Physala promised. No longer am I stuck in a boring office job with no hope of promotion or a raise because now I’m a fitness model with a firm and muscular body that’s all but crying to be shown off. I start my day with a healthy breakfast, vitamins and protein shakes as well as a quick play in the sheets with my beautiful model girlfriend if we have the time.

The man staring back at me in the mirror is the very person I’ve wanted to be all along: cool, handsome and successful. I guess Physala really did shuffle the deck in my favor this time! I’ll be leaving a five-star review on her site later on! First though, I’m going to enjoy my very first breakfast in bed. I’ve got a shoot at eleven which means there’s plenty of time to have a bit of fun with my girl until then!

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