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Old Habits

At sixty-three years old Graham had done a lot in his life but he simply didn’t feel like he’d achieved enough. His youth was long gone which meant a lot of opportunities were too and he would give anything to turn back the clock and attempt to live out the kind of life he could only wish to have.

It wasn’t as if life had been overly unkind to him over the years. He’d been something of a heartbreaker in his glory days, dating a number of beautiful women and even marrying a couple. Nothing ever lasted but he wasn’t sure he regretted any of it when it had been so much fun. He had never been the kind of guy to be tied down to a girl or a job and even in his advanced age he was struggling to settle down and accept that he wasn’t quite as spry or capable as he used to be.

Days went by slowly and Graham struggled with boredom as he watched his nephews and nieces enjoy their lives, somewhat envious of how carefree they were in their youths. Most of his time was spent with a cigar in his mouth and a pint of beer in his hand as he daydreamed of what it would be like to be a hot young stud again. Sadly he knew that wasn’t likely to happen any time soon.

That didn’t stop him from admiring Kelly, the twenty-something blonde who lived across the street from him and was always showing off her petite figure in tight clothing. She had recently gone through a break-up and was rather distraught over it but Graham was not exactly the type of man she would want to turn to for comfort, not when he was nearly forty years her senior.

It was Lucas, Graham’s sixteen year-old nephew, who had encouraged him to clear out the mess in his attic and get rid of the stuff he didn’t use anymore. Graham was somewhat notorious for never throwing anything away and as such quite the collection had built up which was making things rather cramped in the attic. Lucas had enthused that it would be the perfect place for a home gym and while Graham thought he was rather past the age that working out would do him any good, it did seem like a nice gesture especially as Lucas was a little on the smaller side compared to his siblings.

Of all the things Graham had expected to find in his attic during the clean-out, an ornate golden lamp certainly hadn’t been one of them. “What the hell is this?” he asked, picking it up and brushing his fingers against it thoughtlessly. As if the presence of a lamp in his attic wasn’t confusing enough, Graham was startled by the blue smoke that shot out of the spout and began forming the shape of a person. No, not a person, a genie.

“Greetings, mortal! I am the genie Ostobeth and will grant you three wishes, should you desire to make them,” the genie announced in a booming voice, sending shivers down Graham’s spine. He was totally caught up in confusion, almost tempted not to believe his own eyes and ears. Genies were the thing of movies and fairytales, not reality - right?

“I, uh… I wish…” Graham still wasn’t even sure that he wasn’t dreaming so a test wish felt like a sensible solution to clear up that mystery. He couldn’t waste it though so it had to be good. “I wish this attic was a home gym.”

Ostobeth’s lips formed a broad smile as he nodded his head. “Wish granted,” he confirmed, clapping his hands together. Graham stared in wonder as the clutter that surrounded him began to disappear, leaving the room bare. The emptiness only lasted for several moments before it began to fill again, this time with gym equipment such as weight racks and a punching bag. 

Within seconds it was impossible to tell that it had ever been the messy, rarely-visited attic that Graham knew it really was. Staring around at the redecorated room, Graham couldn’t help but laugh in wonder. “Holy crap, this is really happening,” he muttered under his breath, running his hands up the punching bag. It felt far too real to be a dream or anything of the sort.

Now more sure that the genie before him could really grant any wish he was to ask, Graham knew immediately what to request. “I want to be Kelly’s dream man,” he wished without any hesitation.

The moment Ostobeth clapped his hands together Graham felt power ripple throughout his body. The beer gut he had developed over the years began to retreat back into his body, pulling into hard muscle with clearly defined abs and solid pecs. The mane of white hair that covered his torso began to darken in color until it remained at a deep brown. Similarly the thick white beard adorning Graham’s jawline all but vanished, leaving only brown stubble in its place.

Thighs thickened and biceps swelled as Graham’s transformation continued and he watched the affects of his elderly age fade away, leaving him with a firm and enviable young body. His cock rose unassisted for the first time in years and he admired the greatly improved nine-inch staff in all of its glory, giving it a couple experimental tugs as he felt his feet grow several sizes, busting out of his “grandpa slippers” as Lucas had called them.

A step in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror revealed a surprisingly familiar face as Graham realized he had taken on a form incredibly similar to Hollywood actor Chris Pratt. “So Kelly’s dream guy was a Hollywood heartthrob?” he realized, enjoying the sound of his new deeper voice, “Can’t say I’m all that surprised - or upset.”

“Do you have a final wish?” Ostobeth inquired, reminding Graham that he wasn’t alone in the room even as he continued to experimentally play with his hard shaft. He just couldn’t stop touching himself, enjoying how young and powerful he felt now. This was everything he could have hoped for and more.

“Not for now,” he confirmed after a moment’s thought. Why rush into anything when he could call on Ostobeth any time he wanted? Perhaps the perfect third wish would present itself to him soon but for now he had more than enough to enjoy.

Only a week later and Graham was well on his way to turning his life around. He’d begun the courting process of Kelly and sure enough she was falling for him immediately, even inviting him out for a romantic dinner date by the beach that weekend. Graham was sure that it would lead to more because Kelly had barely been able to hold herself together when she was around him.

The only person that knew the truth was Lucas. Still his favorite nephew, Graham was more than happy to keep the teenage boy in the loop. He even helped train the younger male up in his personal home gym and they were becoming quite the team - more best friends than uncle and nephew really. Maybe he’d consider using his third wish to improve Lucas’ life but he still wasn’t making any hasty decisions.

Sure, Graham - or Gray as he now preferred to be called - was still being mistaken for Chris Pratt every time he took a trip out into the city but was that really such a bad thing? He’d wanted to relive his glory days and he had gotten even more than he’d wished for. He certainly had nothing to complain about.

Kelly wasn’t quite so sure about his love for smoking cigars but that was something Gray wasn’t planning to change any time soon. It was like people said - old habits really do die hard!

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