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Obnoxious White Boys

Picture requested by anonymous

Looking at this photo would you believe that just a week ago José and I had been born and bred Mexicans who were proud of our heritage and terrified of our rights being taken away by an antagonistic government? No you wouldn’t, you’d think that that we were just another two obnoxious rednecks who only cared about inflating their own privilege rather than caring for other people.

We weren’t always this way but it became pretty clear that something needed to change when we were the victims of a racist attack by a bunch of assholes who came into the store we both worked at and both stole our stock and left us beaten and bruised. What was worse was that the cops didn’t believe us because our security cameras were broken and we hadn’t gotten it on tape. Feeling totally helpless we had both gone to bed wishing for a life where we were accepted and never victims.

I discovered quickly that waking up in a different body was both a strange experience and also somewhat arousing. My skin tone was lighter, my muscles were firmer and I even stood a few inches taller. I could only stare at the unfamiliar face in the mirror in astonishment before I realized all my thoughts were in perfect unbroken English. “Woah, this is trippy,” I grunted, my voice deep and unmistakably speaking in a Texan drawl. I didn’t sound a thing like myself and somehow I had become totally fluent in a language I’d always somewhat struggled with before! I tried to think of some Spanish to say and my mind drew up a blank. Why had I suddenly forgotten the language I’d been speaking from the moment I’d been trained to talk?

It took a little time but over the next week both José and I found ourselves getting used to our new bodies and roles in life. No longer was I a soft-spoken immigrant named Amadeo Garcia - I was now James Hatson and had a comfortable life in Dallas, Texas. My new parents were rich so I didn’t work and I spent the majority of my spare time either in the gym with Rick - José, that is - or taking my beautiful broad of a girlfriend out on dates. Even though I had always known that I was attracted to men I no longer had those feelings and actually felt myself a little disgusted by the thought of it which was mildly concerning but something I chose to brush off.

Within time I could feel myself losing my identity to truly becoming James and while that scared me I also felt strangely comfortable with it. I was beginning to think like the very same racist asshole James had been and why wouldn’t I? I’m a hot, young, white male with a busty girlfriend and not a care in the world. I don’t need to bother myself with any of that equality shit because my government’s taking care of that. I’m just gonna enjoy my day out with Rick, drink a few more beers and then maybe find a few sluts to fuck while our girlfriends are out of town.

Goddamn, I love being an American!

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