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More Beauty Than Brains

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

I’ve been a fan of Dominic Sherwood since I first started watching Shadowhunters more for the men than the plot. I knew I had no chance with him considering he was a hot upcoming actor and I was a man in his forties with a beer gut and thin hair but I thought about him in my dreams and fantasies, imagining him getting down onto his knees and blowing me. He always acted like a himbo, more beauty than brains, and seeing him looking so brainless turned me on even more.

When I heard that he was going to be coming to my city for our local comic convention I couldn’t help but get excited. I’d been attending conventions for years before they were cool but now I’d have the chance to meet the object of my fantasies and see his gorgeous face in person, maybe even touch him as we shook hands. Even just thinking about being in his presence made me hard all over again.

The morning of the convention I awoke to find a letter waiting for me. There was no return address and I felt a strange compulsion to open it immediately as if it was the most important thing in the world. A small green square fell out, shortly followed by a letter. I picked up the letter and began to read the neat cursive words: 


Please find attached a gift. Have this sticker on your hand when you meet Dom today. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

- Mr Cavanaugh

I very vaguely remembered doing some plumbing work on a big mansion house outside LA for a man named Mr Cavanaugh a few years back but I had absolutely no idea how he both knew about my desires for Dom and the fact I was meeting him. Strangely though I didn’t feel scared about what that meant, I felt excited. There had been something very different about Mr Cavanaugh and it filled him with promise that maybe something good would come of this after all.

Hours later when I was in the queue to meet Dom, I pulled the green square sticker off of its back and stuck it to my hand. I felt a strange stinging sensation and noticed that the green was beginning to glow a little. Just what was this thing? Before I could think about it too much I was at the front of the queue and suddenly my heart was beating a hundred times faster because right in front of me was my ultimate celebrity crush!

Dom glanced up over the table at me and quirked an eyebrow as if questioning why a middle-aged man like me was in the queue to meet him if I wasn’t bringing a daughter or something. “Nice to meet you,” I said quickly, scared that I’d lose my voice if I hesitated any longer. I thrust my hand out and after a slight look of confusion he reached out and shook it.

The moment his palm pressed against the sticker the actor winced and pulled back sharply. “Sorry, must have been an electric shock,” he mumbled in those delightful British tones as he glanced back down and focused on signing his autograph on the photo of him I’d bought. When he looked up at me I could have sworn that he looked a little emptier behind the eyes, almost like the dumb himbo version of him from my fantasies.

My meeting with him was over after that and I felt a little disappointed. Had that sticker even really done anything? The whole thing must have been a prank from one of my friends, that was the only reasonable explanation.

A few short hours later I was proven wrong. The convention was over and I’d settled back in at home, cracking open a beer and helping myself to some pizza while I watched the football game. Much to my surprise there was frantic knocking on the door and I was left to wonder who would be calling for me this late at night.

The man that greeted me on the other side of the door was unmistakably Dominic Sherwood but he no longer looked like the alert and intelligent actor I’d seen earlier in the day. His mouth hung open and his eyes looked glassy as if there was very little going on in his brain at all. He looked like the perfect himbo and I was almost rock hard in seconds.

“You… wanna fuck?” Dom asked, his voice little more than a sexual groan. It was the hottest thing I’d ever heard in my life and of course I had him inside and sucking my cock in record time. He really went for it too as if this was all he’d ever spent his life doing, not trying to become some big-time Hollywood heartthrob. Serving me was his only purpose now.

Doesn’t he look cute sat on the sofa with one of my trucker hats on? I’m giving him a little back for now but pretty soon I’m gonna have him naked on my bed while I fuck that tight ass of him. He’ll be moaning about how badly he wants me, hell he already is, and it’s going to be the best night ever. For now though I think I’ll just have him flex and pose while I eat dinner and watch the game. That’s all the dumb stud really wants to or knows how to do now anyway so who am I to stop him from achieving his full potential?

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