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Riverdale: Matching Gifts

Updated: May 4, 2019

Kevin had appreciated the gift he had received for Christmas from Archie, not because it was the best gift ever, but because receiving gifts from somebody like Archie Andrews was special in itself. He had done his best to try and limit his attraction to the redheaded jock out of dedication to his friends Betty and Veronica but could any self-respecting young gay man with a pair of working eyes really pretend like Archie wasn’t a prime beefcake in the making?

The gift itself was a watch, silver and rather plain but nice enough. Considering Kevin had a nasty habit of losing things, a replacement watch had actually been an ideal present for him and he slipped it onto his wrist almost immediately. It was a little loose around his slender wrist but he didn’t spare that much thought.

As the day progressed, Kevin started to notice a few things that seemed a little strange. There was less of a skip in his step as he found himself absentmindedly strutting - almost swaggering - down the hallways of Riverdale High. It earned him quite a few looks but suddenly the opinions of everybody else didn’t matter quite so much to him. They could whisper all they wanted, he wouldn’t be pathetic enough to let it get to him. Not even Reggie Mantle, the school’s resident douchebag jock, could tear his mood down.

Kevin’s legs spread obnoxiously wide as he sat himself down at his usual table in class and willfully tuned out Betty’s voice as she whined about something or other to do with her relationship with Jughead. Why the fuck does she think I’m interested? he lamented, barely stopping himself from rolling his eyes. It was an invasive thought and one that took him by surprise but it wasn’t exactly incorrect either. He’d put up with far too much of Betty’s relationship drama.

Throughout the lesson Kevin found himself feeling regularly uncomfortable with his clothes. They seemed far too tight on his all of a sudden, especially his pants which were beginning to bulge. He had caught himself looking at Veronica and sure, he had to admit that he could see why Archie was so into her. She was seriously hot! Kevin had to reach down to rearrange himself and surprisingly didn’t care if anybody saw what he was doing. It wasn’t like he had to be afraid of their judgment. 

Finally the lesson was over and Kevin pushed past a number of students on his way out. While his initial instinct had been to head for the closest restroom, his feet took him on another path and he ended up in the locker room that he usually spent so much time avoiding. Sick of how uncomfortably tight his clothes had become, Kevin stripped out of the cheap polo shirt he had worn that morning and glanced down at himself. His skin was a beautiful tan color, while his abs were looking especially cut.

Wait, abs? For a moment that didn’t seem quite right but why wouldn’t he have abs when he followed such a strict regime that involved working out for one to three hours every single day? Come on, focus!

A quick search around the locker room helped him locate some clothes that fit him better - a t-shirt that proudly displayed designer branding and some jeans that didn’t look like they would pinch quite so much around the waist and crotch. Stripping out of the skinny jeans he found himself wearing for some reason, Kevin spared a short moment to admire his muscular thighs and calves before pulling on the new clothes. He completed the look with the letterman jacket he found in the locker and then stepped in front of the mirror to see how he looked, only to be caught off guard by the unexpected face smirking back at him.

“Holy shit, I… I’m Reggie,” Kevin gasped, unable to tear himself away from his reflection. He couldn’t believe it but all of his own features had been replaced by those of Reggie Mantle, one of his regular tormentors and a douchebag who had made school a rather miserable place to be at times. He had done his best to stay out of Reggie’s way but every encounter with him was painful, especially because Kevin had always sort of found the other’s arrogance rather attractive - not that he would ever admit it, of course.

An exploration of his suddenly muscular body followed and it was enough to get Kevin tenting his pants immediately. Much to his delight he was packing some even bigger heat than he was used to and despite knowing that the real Reggie would likely never approve, Kevin got to work on pleasuring himself to really test out the body he had found himself in. Every little grunt from Reggie’s deep voice turned him on and in no time at all he had reached climax, decorating the mirror with his load.

Kevin’s outlook on life swiftly changed from that moment forth. The thoughts and interests that belonged to a more traditionally masculine jock like Reggie were beginning to overtake his own thoughts and within just an hour it was almost impossible for Kevin to draw the line between the two. Even his own identity became an uncertain factor in his mind as he tried to understand whether he was really Kevin Keller or Reggie Mantle.

Thankfully it didn’t take long for his mind to sort itself out and confirm that any thoughts he’d had about being Keller were a sick daydream he longed to forget. He was Reggie Mantle and he demanded respect from every person in their school with absolutely no exceptions. Why wouldn’t they respect him when he had such a godlike body and was a natural talent on the football field?

Settled into his new life as Riverdale High’s king jock, the former Kevin found his relationship with his former friends changing rather dramatically, especially with Archie. They had once been good friends but it was an increasing struggle for Reggie not to butt heads with him when they had so many disagreements, especially during football practice. Reggie refused to believe that anybody could know better than him - he was the captain of the goddamn team, for crying out loud, and he wasn’t going to let Archie overrule him.

Sure, the redhead had bought him a watch for Christmas but it wasn’t like Reggie actively wore it anymore. The last thing he wanted was for Archie to think they were actually friends and besides, wasn’t it pretty gay to wear a gift like that from another dude? No fucking way was Reggie letting anybody know that he’d accepted a gift from the other because he wasn’t a homo like that Keller kid and no way was he letting rumors like that fly around.

Agitated from his latest bust-up with Archie, Reggie navigated the corridors of Riverdale High until he had found one of the cheerleaders who had been eyeing him up during practice. In the process he had barreled past the Keller homo and refused to stop and listen to whatever pathetic crap he was talking about. Couldn’t he see that Reggie had better places to be?

The cheerleader was put to good use like the needy slut she was by blowing him in the front of his car with the promise of even more to come once they made it back to his place. This was all just another day in the life of Reggie Mantle but man, it felt real special today of all days for some reason. Whatever, as long as Andrews and Keller kept out of his way for good, things would be fine!

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