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Lucked Out

It looks like I really lucked out when I decided to possess this hunk I saw at the gym early. I mean, you can’t really blame me can you? He was the obvious choice with that gorgeous face and his large muscles, I would have been a fool to even consider anyone else!

When he finished his workout and sauntered back to the locker room I was quick to follow him. Thankfully the place wasn’t too heavily populated so I only had to use my powers to turn a few guys away until I was alone with Sam. Before he could notice just how quiet it had become I stepped forward and made myself both invisible and intangible. He had no idea I was there when he glanced over his shoulder and I quickly advanced on him, pushing inside of his back and letting my much smaller body fill out his hunky frame. I tensed and flexed his muscles as I took control, rolling my head and wiggling my toes just to experiment. The first few minutes in a new body always felt both strange and arousing and this had definitely been no different. I was hard in no time so of course the only thing I could possibly do was settle down in front of the mirror and jerk off for the first time in this new body before hitting the showers.

I had absolutely no idea that the guy was a fitness model nor that he’d been in a couple of music videos for big popstars over the last year. He was only twenty-two as well which seemed ridiculously unfair considering I was nearing thirty and had never looked that good in my life. At twenty-two I’d been as skinny as a rake and had lacked the confidence to talk to the majority of people, particularly hot boys. There was no way I’d have that issue now that I was in the body of Sam Asghari, a male model with the body of a golden god.

As if that wasn’t the package deal I also found out that he was currently dating a worldwide pop superstar meaning that while I may not have any sexual interest in girls, she’s more than happy to spoil me in whatever expensive clothes and gifts I want to try and keep me interested. The poor woman has no idea that her boyfriend’s currently hooking up with a number of guys on the side including the dancers from her music videos and Vegas show but that’s fine, what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her.

I can definitely see myself staying in this body for a few more months at least. Why would I waste such a golden opportunity after all when I’d clearly hit the jackpot with this one? Just call me Sam and let me know if you want to see what’s under these gym clothes - chances are I’ll be more than happy to give you a private show!

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