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Looking Back (Simon's POV)

It had been fifteen whole years since Simon had last had to interact with Brock Gillespie, the asshole who had made his life a misery throughout high school. Brock had been the hyper-macho type, always showing off his large muscles and acting as if they were currency. Simon, having a naturally slender frame, had been ‘poor’ in Brock’s eyes and had paid the price for it time and time again. Graduation had been a blissful day merely for the fact that it signified that he would finally be escaping Brock’s reign of terror. It wasn’t as if the meathead would be following him to an Ivy League school after all.

In that decade and a half Brock had hardly crossed Simon’s mind at all. He had moved on with his life to bigger and better things as Junior Executive of a big city business and his days as a punching bag had been locked away in the back of his mind. These days his biggest concerns were securing deals and making sure his bills were paid on time, not keeping his head down to avoid the attention of bullies. He hadn’t exactly put on much musculature as he progressed into adulthood but he held himself proudly and cut an intimidating figure with his tailored suits and fixed serious expression.

When he was unexpectedly reunited with a former classmate - not that Simon had ever really had many friends back in his school days - during the pitching process of a new deal, the businessman found himself looking back at his younger days. He could barely recall the names of his favorite teachers or the other kids that he’d actually gotten along with but there was one name that stood out above the rest and that was Brock Gillespie. Simon couldn’t help but wonder what the brute of a jock was up to these days and his mind created a pleasant image of the other living a lonely life in some trashy trailer park with all of his prized muscles replaced by rolls of fat. If there was any justice in the world then that would surely be the case.

Unfortunately for Simon, not only was it not the case but he also found out the truth in far closer fashion than he’d wanted. He woke up the next morning under sheets that were a little too scratchy against his skin to be his own silk sheets and a strange feeling of heaviness. Pulling himself out of bed was a surprising struggle but as he rose to new extreme heights Simon was acutely aware that he was neither in his own home nor did he seem to be in his own body. Compartmentalizing the feelings of panic that threatened to take over, he stumbled into the en-suite bathroom and right in front of the mirror.

Brock had seemingly only grown more muscular and handsome in the years since their high school graduation and Simon was now greeted by the sight of the other’s six-foot-three body with his ink-decorated arms and carefully trimmed stubble. The businessman was appalled both by the fact that he wasn’t currently in his own body but also that life had been seemingly kind to Brock and granted him a godly body that he most certainly didn’t deserve. There truly was no justice in the world, it seemed.

An investigation of Brock’s apartment revealed it to be smaller than Simon’s own residence, which he was happy about, and laid out in a style that he could only describe as ‘organized chaos’. Amidst the mess though he uncovered a recently worn black uniform and pulled it out of the pile of wash clothes to get a better look, hardly believing what he could see. There was no way that Brock Gillespie had gone straight and was now a cop!

Snapped out of his incredulous thoughts by the ringing of an alarm, Simon slipped on the black uniform shirt while he searched for the source of the noise. Some minutes later he was able to find Brock’s cell phone which was alerting him that he was due on duty in an hour’s time. A curse escaped his lips in response, the words spoken in the deep tones that Simon had once - and to some extent, still - dreaded hearing. What the hell was he supposed to do?

Brock’s body seemingly had the answer for him though as he located the matching uniform pants and pulled them on. Another glance in the mirror confirmed that there Simon was, wearing a cop uniform in his former bully’s body. He wanted desperately to believe that it was just a nightmare but no amount of pinching himself or splashing his face with water seemed to pull him out of the strange situation he had awoken to.

In fact the longer Simon stood in front of that reflection, the more he was starting to remember about Brock’s life between graduation and that current moment. He could remember cheating on the police academy exams and taking bribes from petty criminals to keep their activities under the radar. He could even recall Brock’s two failed marriages and the arguments that had led to their destruction. There was even a memory of Brock letting a dude suck his cock for the first time and then violently kicking him away once he’d reached climax.

Just looking through his memories was enough to confirm to Simon that Brock had never really changed and while we was externally handsome he was just as ugly inside as ever. It made him all the happier that his own life had moved from strength to strength over the years and he had been able to develop as a person throughout it all, shedding his weaknesses and vices in exchange for new strengths. With that realization in mind Simon found himself anxious to leave Brock in the past and return to his own body, never to look back again.

Unfortunately for Simon, no return was to follow in the next couple of days or even weeks and as the weeks turned to months he failed to notice that he had forgotten everything about his true self and had fully been consumed by his new life as Brock Gillespie.

To be continued...

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