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Last Minute Replacement

Feeling rundown and getting ill was a nightmare for any celebrity, especially an actor on the promotional circuit of their new film. That was the issue that befell Charlie Hunnam as he woke up to an upset stomach and dreadful fever on the morning he was supposed to be doing an interview for late night television.

“Ugh, I hate being ill,” he growled, frustrated that his own body would give out on him on such an important day. He was supposed to be out there winning hearts and earning bucks but instead he was going to be hidden under his sheets and wishing for a miracle cure he knew would never come.

Thankfully his manager Mr Upshaw always had a contingency plan for scenarios like this. They’d only had to resort to it a few times before and it still made Charlie feel uneasy but it was better than cancelling the appearance altogether. He and his team all wanted to keep his image as impressive as possible and that meant not cancelling any prearranged plans with the media.

“Come on, you know what we need,” his manager huffed, handing over a small pot. “Don’t keep me waiting. We’re on a tight schedule here!” He left the room after that, thankfully affording Charlie some privacy to go about his business. Five minutes later and he handed the pot back to his manager, now full of the load he’d just rubbed out. It was a rather crude method but it worked so he couldn’t argue.

The best managers in the business always had a back-up plan if something was to happen to their client and Charlie’s was no exception. Having once been tutored by Mr Cavanaugh himself, Mr Upshaw knew how to brew a potion that would transform one person into another for a twelve-hour time window. The key ingredient to the potion was the subject’s cum and Charlie had seen it work like a charm right in front of his very eyes.

Later on that night as he watched the late night show he was supposedly attending from the comfort of his king-sized bed, Charlie grabbed his cell phone called Upshaw. “Who’s being me tonight, then?” he asked, his croaky voice yet another reminder of how terrible he felt.

“Yuhao from catering,” his manager replied. They had only crossed paths a couple of times previously but the actor could visualize the skinny Asian kid who had once said he was only working in catering until he got his own big break as an actor. “He didn’t even request a bonus, he was just happy to do the job.”

Charlie couldn’t help but chuckle. “Yeah, I wonder why.” It was probably a dream come true for Yuhao and the English actor felt glad that his being ill had benefited at least one person. If he impressed Mr Upshaw with his performance then it was likely that Yuhao would be called in as a back-up again.

He only hoped that Yuhao had enough common sense to keep things professional. The last guy who had covered for Charlie had seduced one of the ladies working in make-up afterwards and Mr Upshaw had been in a foul mood after that. Nobody needed to risk his ire, especially not when he had such powerful connections.

In fact the previous guy was now the very same dark blue tie that Yuhao wore around his neck for the interview. Charlie couldn’t help but smile, bemused by the other man’s fate. Yuhao was a good kid though, hopefully he’d know not to repeat history. Then again, Charlie wasn’t going to complain if he ended up with a new pair of cuff links to wear to his next premiere either…

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