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Kissing The Coach

Coach Robert West was struggling to believe what he saw and yet in a way was also in amazement. He was stood in the restrooms just across from his office watching as one of his college freshman wrestlers posed and took selfies in front of the mirror - all in the older man’s body. It was quite a thing to be watching himself from an external perspective but even more overwhelming was that he was watching from the perspective of said college freshman’s body. 

The wrestling coach’s predicament all started when Jason had arrived at his office looking to ask a few questions about some of the drills they had been running during recent practice sessions. Robert was pretty fond of Jason - the kid had a future on the mat if he kept working hard and maintained a strict diet - so despite having other more pressing issues to attend to he welcomed the kid in. He wanted to be approachable for his team after all and if somebody else was truly passionate about wrestling then it was his duty to stoke that fire make sure it burned bright. He had a perfect opportunity with Jason to make sure the kid really hit it big and he wasn’t about to pass it up.

The very last thing Robert expected from the kid was for Jason to lunge across his desk and plant a kiss on his lips, grabbing the older man by the collar of his polo shirt to keep him locked in place. The word faggot whirled furiously around Robert’s mind as his body flushed with disgust but he was frozen to the spot, lips pressed against the others and even opening to allow Jason’s tongue entry. Robert was mortified - he’d always been firm in his belief that men were only supposed to love women and had he known Jason was a fag then their past interactions would have been very different indeed.

As Jason continued to make out with him Robert realized that he was perfectly capable of moving and yet he was actively choosing not to. In fact he found himself reciprocating the kiss, his own tongue moving to explore the other’s mouth while always abiding by the other’s dominance. The younger man’s grip on him grew stronger as Robert’s resistance continued to whittle down, prompting him to let his eyes flutter shut and savour the surprise moment of bliss that he was experiencing. It just felt right for the other to take advantage of him, like he’d been longing for it all along even though he knew that it couldn’t possibly be the truth. 

When their lips finally parted and Robert allowed his eyes to drift open, his breath was caught in his throat. He was looking across the desk at himself - his big, burly body with the thick chest hair poking through the neckline of his shirt. There was absolutely no doubt in Robert’s mind that it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen and Jason wore that body much better than he ever could. Looking down at himself he recognized the college student’s lean and firm body in all of its hairless glory and was quick to accept it as his own. After all, if the other wanted his body then who was he to ask for it back? The other was much more deserving of all that masculinity!

Jason was quick to make himself at home in the coach’s body and was sure to keep the former coach nearby, encouraging him to watch as he flexed and snapped selfies in front of the restroom mirror. On instruction Robert had blocked off the door to ensure that they weren’t disturbed and couldn’t help but anticipate why the other had made such a request. Was it possible that his former star athlete was going to give him a taste of that delightfully mature body or maybe even bend him over his knee and spank him? No matter what happened, all Robert knew was that he was going to be a well behaved boy for his one and only Coach!

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