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Keeping Jeremy Warm

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

After discovering that Ryan had managed to score two fans for himself as additions to his wardrobe, Jeremy had been understandably jealous. Fans made for the most comfortable clothes and it was unfair for Ryan to keep all of that to himself so Jeremy appealed to his good nature until the older man struck a deal with him. He would hand over one of the fans if Jeremy finished up the editing for the rest of the week. It was a deal well worth making.

“I gotta say Bizz, you are even more comfortable than I thought you would be,” Jeremy muttered to his hoodie, smoothing it down over his burly chest. Ryan had given Bizz to him as his cap but Jeremy thought he’d have much more use to him as a different piece of Achievement Hunter merch, namely the dark grey hoodie he currently had wrapped around him keeping him warm in the office since the air conditioning was blasting out at inhuman levels.

After grinning across the office at Ryan, Jeremy deliberately ran his hands over his pecs, knowing that the simple movement would feel like utter bliss to the fan currently keeping him warm. Supposedly Bizz had to be back to himself in a few days but considering how comfortable he felt against his body, Jeremy was hesitant to let that happen.

In fact, he was already considering taking Ryan’s advice and extending the transformation for another week or two. After all, it seemed to be working out brilliantly for him and his ‘Henry’ shirt!

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