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Interview Interruption

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Ben Cohen had achieved many things throughout his career but his second proudest - after being a renowned rugby player, of course - was being an acclaimed ally to the LGBT+ society. He was a firm believer in all people being equal and that they should be treated as such which was why he was so happy to agree to an interview with a well-known magazine that targeted gay male audiences. They wanted him to talk about his charity efforts and take some photos of him with his kit off so who was he to disagree?

Settling down in the locker room setting after getting some good shirtless photos out in the gym, Ben was still catching his breath as the interview introduced himself as Peter Smith. He was a nice enough man and Ben could only chuckle as he noticed that Peter’s gave kept drifting down his hairy pecs. He saw it as a compliment really - it was nice to have the hard work he put into his body recognized, even if Ben himself wasn’t personally attracted to men.

“You must keep a pretty active fitness regime, right?” Peter asked him, scribbling down in his notepad and risking another glance at Ben’s muscled torso. The former rugby player smiled and nodded before proceeding to explain his rigorous work-out routine. He made sure to watch his diet and never exceeded his calories, plus he wasn’t satisfied unless he got at least a minimum of ten hours of exercise in a week.

Ben dutifully answered every one of Peter’s questions, feeling more at ease with him in every passing minute. The man was polite and while he was clearly attracted to him, the flirtatious comments were said more as jokes than genuine come-ons. Ben remained professional but he was still able to have fun and he certainly felt relaxed in the other’s presence, even if he still had a camera pointed in his direction. Then again considering the modeling work he’d done since retiring from playing rugby full-time that wasn’t exactly an uncommon scenario.

While he was wrapped up in the conversation, Ben was totally unaware of the presence approaching him from behind. His first impression that something was wrong was when he felt a sharp pressure against his upper back. “Holy shit, ow,” he muttered, flinching. Still, Peter was talking and Ben wanted to be as respectful to the interviewer as possible so he remained focused and did his best to forget about the pressure that seemed to be spreading across his back.

“Tell me, Ben, have you ever kissed another man?” Peter asked, the question coming so far out of left-field that the former rugby player was caught totally off guard. As he stammered for words, he suddenly find himself bouncing his pecs without thought, showing off the effects of all of his hard work in the gym. He didn’t think anything of it until his hands moved to brush over his abs and he realized that he wasn’t the one in control of his arms, hands or chest.

“N… nah, I’m not… I’m not gay, I’m just an ally,” he laughed off, feeling suddenly uncomfortable as his hands moved back down his thighs, massaging them. His feet tapped at the ground and Ben’s frustration rose as he began feeling more and more like a passenger inside his own boy. Only his head seemed to respond to his brain’s commands but that strange pressure had extended to the back of his skull and even speaking was beginning to feel like a difficulty.

“Are you sure that’s true?” Peter asked, quirking an eyebrow and reaching out to grab Ben’s hand. His immediate reaction was to jerk his hand away but he was horrified to find that he couldn’t so much as make his hand twitch.

“You know, I’m not sure I am,” he replied - only it hadn’t been Ben to speak those words. It had been his lips and his voice but not his mind and finally he realized what that pressure on his back had been. Somebody had forced themselves into his body, taking control slowly but surely until he was in the passenger seat while a total stranger drove.

Chen was one of the make-up artists working on the photoshoot and while he had only interacted with Ben briefly, it had quickly become clear to rugby star that the young Asian man was crushing on him so hard he could barely speak. Noticing how intense his colleague’s crush was, Peter had approached Chen with his devious plan and the younger had quickly agreed, enthralled by the idea of possessing the body of the muscular white man.

“Why don’t we find out?” Chen asked, grabbing Peter by the wrist and pulling him until their lips met in a quickly deepening kiss. Within moments Peter was in his lap, rocking his ass against the front of the other’s shorts until he could feel something long and hard pressing against his cheeks.

The real Ben was exposed to every pleasurable sensation that came from kissing his interviewer and even though he was aware that this wasn’t his choice, he couldn’t deny that he was beginning to want it. There was something intoxicating about having somebody else take control and Peter was a damn good kisser. Maybe Ben wouldn’t fight Chen on this one. After all, he was already visualizing his own body dominating other men as he was sure to do to Peter and that was a damn hot image that most definitely deserved to become a reality…

As for Chen - well, he planned to make great use of his new celebrity body. Having always been skinny and the type to get overlooked in the crowd, he was determined to adapt a new confident persona that fit his hunky new body and would make sure he finally lived like the alpha male he’d always wanted to be. Peter was only going to be his first conquest and with parts of Ben’s own masculine personality blending with his own, Chen was sure that it wouldn’t be long until he’d become even more popular with Ben’s gay audience. 

Ben Cohen wasn’t settling for simply being an ally anymore - in no time at all he was going to be an undeniable gay icon!

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