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Hotel Guest

UK reality television star Dan Osborne visited the same ski resort in Finland every Christmas in order to ‘hit the slopes’ and ‘pick up chicks’ and every year the staff of his favourite hotel dreaded his arrival. He was a big party boy and loved to make their lives miserable by bothering other guests and treating the staff like crap, not to mention the property damage that occurred whenever he hosted parties in his luxury rooms. He kept paying off the hotel managers for his bad behavior too so they would never do anything about his unruly behavior, much to the chagrin of the cleaners and bar staff and all of the others he played his usual pranks on or just straight up mistreated.

It all came to a head when he decided to pull a good old fashioned trick and trip over Charlie, a young man who Dan had teased several times while he was working at the reception desk. Dan could tell that Charlie was gay and was crushing on him so of course that made him a prime target for his abuse. At the time Charlie was trying to deliver a stack of important documents to the manager's office when Dan deliberately held his foot out at the exact moment the kid rushed by.

In doing so though, he triggered a curse that had been placed upon him by the staff just the night before. The curse switched his body with the next member of staff he abused and Charlie just happened to be the lucky victim. In a single moment there was a blinding flash and Charlie was no longer falling, instead finding himself firmly on his feet with a hunky body that was very much not his own. Likewise, Dan found himself flailing in a much smaller body as he tripped and hit the ground, scattering the important documents everywhere.

"Holy shit, I can't believe it was me! Man, I should thank you. This is gonna be incredible!" the new Dan Osborne said, helping the new Charlie up onto his unsteady feet. The now smaller man was clearly confused and scared, looking up at his own body with wide tearful eyes.

The reality star's replacement just smirked as he saw the tears. "Hey, hey, don't cry, buddy! You'll enjoy working here. After all, you know all the staff already. If you're looking for a bit of comfort though, Fred who works in catering has always treated me right. I'm sure he'll look after you." Dan clapped a hand down on the skinny body that he had once owned. He honestly couldn't believe he'd been the lucky idiot to get in the reality star's way and trigger the curse but he was sure as hell going to make the most of it!

Making a point of grabbing his massive bulge, the new Dan winked at his former self before leaving to go explore his new body in private. He was certain that there was a lot to enjoy!

The new Charlie was left in the middle of the mess he had created, terrified that he would never get his real body back. He wanted this to all be a bad dream but little did he know that it wasn't one he was ever going to wake up from. He had fallen so far: from an arrogant hunky British television star to a skinny and sensitive twink who spoke with a thick Finnish accent. The worst of all though was that he honestly didn't understand what he had done wrong. Luckily his new colleagues were more than willing to educate him as they tormented him for his fall from grace.

The new Dan would still keep visiting the ski resort every year, only from then on everybody noticed just how much nicer he was. For those in the know they were just happy to see their old friend again but the majority just thought Dan had turned a new leaf and slowly grew to consider him a pleasure to have around. They never could quite work out why Charlie still seemed to detest him though...

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