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High Stakes Match-Up

Sam and Rory could hardly believe their luck. They were riding high on cloud nine after their victory as it had been no ordinary tag team match. The match had some pretty high stakes - namely the bodies they now occupied, originally belonging to a pair of cocky professional wrestlers.

Nick and Shane, better known as The Mighty, knew they were hot shit in the wrestling world and their once humble mannerisms had given way to ever-present bad attitudes that alienated them not only to the rest of the locker room but also the crowds. Many of them turned up just to see The Mighty get their asses kicked, although much to their dismay Nick and Shane always seemed to pull victories out of the bag, even if they had to cheat to do so.

After engaging in a back-and-forth argument with two of the fans in the front row who had dared to call them “talentless pretty boy douchebags”, The Mighty had decided to challenge the fans to a match. Confident as ever, they even suggested that they would be able to beat Sam and Rory with their bodies switched. Considering both young fans were far slimmer and weaker than the two wrestler’s well-polished bodies, it was a bold statement and enough to get the two fans to agree. Even if they lost they would still have experienced several minutes in the bodies of two hot wrestlers, as arrogant as they were.

Of course, should Sam and Rory lose the match, they would have to serve as slaves for Nick and Shane for the next year, tidying up their mess in the locker room, acting as footstools, cheering for them in the front row of every show… It would be humiliating work and as such was a suitable motivator for the two young fans. They certainly didn’t want to be at the behest of the douchebags for the next twelve months!

The Mighty would soon run into unexpected issues during the arranged match though as the less athletic bodies they temporarily occupied weren’t well suited to the intense physical activity of working a wrestling match. Even their years of experience were let down by the lack of strength as they were unable to pull off many of their signature moves, getting overpowered by either Sam or Rory at seemingly every turn.

In the end it was luck that was the deciding factor as opposed to experience or strength and Sam covered Nick - his own body - for the three count. The crowd erupted in delight as The Mighty finally received their comeuppance and lost the bodies that they obsessed over on social media so often. Sam and Rory rolled out of the ring and dropped down onto the entrance ramp, raising their arms in celebration, while the new occupants of their bodies remained in the ring, visibly aghast at the turn of events.

When the two men formally known as The Mighty started getting violent they were escorted out of the arena by the venue security. Meanwhile the new Nick and Shane were left to celebrate with the crowd and there was no doubt that they got the loudest cheers of the night!

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