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He Didn't Expect Me To Win

At eight o’clock this morning I turned up the gym for my weekly session and promptly switched bodies with my hunky personal trainer. I’ve been looking to escape the fat disappointment of my life for years now and he was the perfect guy for me. I took my time learning all about his life through conversation and observing him with others around the gym until I felt confident that I could perfectly slot myself into his life without raising suspicion.

Now Erik wasn’t exactly too thrilled about this sudden turn of events but that was really to be expected considering he’d been forced out of a glorious tall and muscular body into a frame that had mistreated for almost forty years. I was forced to wear XXL clothes to cover up my rolls and was rather notorious in the gym for my poor hygiene. I saw the way the other man looked at me and heard their whispers behind my back but none of it would matter when I put my plan into place and sure enough I’m already feeling a lot better.

In order to show Erik that I’m a fair man - although considering I knew he mocked me behind my back, it was far more than he deserved - I proposed a game that would grant him his body back if he was able to beat me three times. Each ‘round’ was a different exercise and all he had to do was do more reps than me on the exact same weight.

Much to Erik’s delight he managed to outlast me on both the pectoral fly and chest press, although I could see that he was clearly struggling with a weight that he previously would have found easy. By the time we reached the third exercise he was confident that he was going to get his body back and leave that sad sack of fat behind.

Unfortunately for him, I had been playing a game with his emotions the whole time. Erik’s body granted me more strength than I had ever experienced before and I had lured him into a false sense of security by pretending to fail the exercises after only a few reps. It wasn’t exactly out of character for myself after all - Erik had referred to me as a quitter multiple times in our sessions together.

A short while later and I had evened the score with two dominant victories in a row, bringing us to the fifth and final round. The challenge was simple - all Erik had to do was hold a plank position for longer than me. The plank had always been the one exercise I balked out, knowing I had very little core strength. Previously Erik had delighted in showing that he could hold it for over two minutes, although in our current situation it quickly became clear that he’d be lucky to make it to thirty seconds.

As for me… well, take a look. I’m not exactly struggling, am I?

Yeah, Erik won’t be getting his body back any time soon. At least I gave him a chance though, right? It’s much more than he or anyone else in this gym gave me for sure. As far as I’m concerned, I’m a better man than any of them!

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