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Giving Me Away

You see that gorgeous man right there with a proud smile on his face? Yeah, that smug asshole is my ex-boyfriend and if I ever get back into my own body then I’m going to kick his ass.

I was well aware of the fact that Dane was only with me because I came from a family with money but I never thought he’d turn out to be a complete psycho. There wasn’t much to our relationship other than sex and I was pretty sure that he was sleeping around with other men too but I could never prove it. Well, now I’ve got my proof but I have no way of actually showing it to anyone or exposing him as the money-hungry backstabbing bastard that he is.

What’s got me in such a bad mood, you ask? Well this morning I woke up to find that I could no longer move my body or even talk. I was totally frozen and I felt so small. It turns out that it’s because Dane removed my essence from my own body and placed it into a large vibrator. I have no idea how he managed it because I didn’t even know magic existed but now he’s got me in the passenger seat of his car and is driving me out of town to give me as a present to his younger brother.

Dane’s little brother David was a bit of a creep. He was nineteen years old and had never had sex or been in a relationship. His shoulder-length hair was always greasy and it was clear to both me and everybody else that came into contact with him that Dane had inherited all the good genes in the family. The worst part of it was that it was pretty clear that David had a crush on me and Dane always refused to tell him to back off, insisting that it was funny. Knowing that I was now going to be used as a toy for the creepy younger male to fuck himself on time and time again made me want to scream but I couldn’t make a sound. I couldn’t do anything to stop Dane from giving me away.

He used the car journey to his parents’ home (where David of course still lived) to explain to me that my original body is still out there but by the time he gets back to my apartment one of his regular hook-ups will have possessed it and shall take my place in the world. They’ll get married and then Dane will finally have full access to my bank account and the fortune my family has amassed over the years. I was furious but totally helpless as he laughed jovially, knowing that he had won and there was absolutely no way I was getting out of the hell he had put me in…

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