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Giving Gifts

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

It’s pretty much an open secret now that Santa Claus never really occupies his own body anymore - only when visiting young kids to really keep the magic alive. The majority of his time is spent in bodies that are much younger and muscular, just as his wife - and his husband - likes. When you’ve been around for a millennia and possess more magic than most warlocks currently living combined, you can afford to live exactly however the hell you’d like.

One prime example was when Santa was requested to make an appearance and hand out gifts at a nightclub in San Francisco. The club would be populated by young gay men and there was a certain expectation that Santa would arrive looking like a gorgeous hunk rather than a jolly old fat man. There was no complaints from him though as he rather enjoyed taking on new bodies to spread the festive fever around the world.

Celebrity model and university professor Pietro Boselli was the lucky guy picked out for the occasion by Santa Claus himself and upon unwrapping the mysterious present that had appeared on his dining room table, Pietro’s body was invaded by the legendary spirit of the winter deity. Warmth spread throughout the model’s body as its new occupant settled in and let out a jolly laugh as he traced his fingers along the lines of his abs.

There was no red-and-white suit needed for his appearance at the nightclub. All ‘Pietro Claus’ would be rocking was a pair of silk red boxers that failed to hide the goodness he was packing in his crotch area and the delightful curve of his bubble butt. He would be quite the sight to see out on that stage, throwing gifts out to the audience like the iconic figure of folklore he was - only he, like so many others, had learned to adapt to the times.

People didn’t just want Santa Claus anymore - they wanted Sexy Claus!

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