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Gift From A Fan

Ryan Reynolds was used to gay fans. He wasn’t shocked or disgusted by them because of their sexuality, but sometimes some of them - just like the teenage girl portion of his fanbase - could overstep the line and make him uncomfortable. He knew he was an attractive guy, as did his wife, but being stared at like he was nothing more than a tasty piece of meat made him feel strange. He’d set out to become an actor after all, not one of “Hollywood’s most attractive men”.

As such, when Ryan was invited to an LGBT-exclusive comic convention he was a little nervous about the types of fan he’d encounter. At the end of the day a paycheck was a paycheck and he did genuinely enjoy meeting his fans, but he’d already organized with some of the fellow male celebrities who were also attending as special guests to play a drinking game at the bar, taking a shot for every creepy fan they encountered.

It didn’t take long for Ryan to feel overwhelmed. After just an hour of signing at his table he’d already had to refuse two fans requesting kisses and more than a few wandering hands from fans taking photos with him. As such he was a little apprehensive when he saw the next fan step up to the table was the typical bleached blond spiked hair and silver ear studs type. 

“Hey, nice to meet you!” Ryan greeted, going through the motions and hoping his smile was more convincing then he felt it was. He didn’t want his fans thinking he was an ass or didn’t appreciate them. “What’s your name?”

The young man’s cheeks flushed pink as he stammered over his words, finally being able to stutter, “J– Jacob.” It was obvious from the alternating intense stares and complete lack of eye contact that Ryan’s good looks were the reason for the young man’s nervous state, but by this point the actor chose not to dwell on it. Jacob was hardly the first fan to get starstruck.

“Did you have something for me to sign, Jacob?” he asked politely, trying to move the conversation on as quickly as possible. There was still quite a queue waiting behind Jacob that would keep Ryan busy for the next few hours.

“Oh, I - uh - brought you a present,” the blond boy announced suddenly, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a beautiful watch. It looked pretty expensive and definitely the type of thing that Ryan would probably pick up for himself. 

Staring at the watch for a few moments, Ryan frowned. Surely this wasn’t actually a gift, right? It looked like it was worth more than a few of the kid’s paychecks, whatever it was he did for a living. “You… want me to sign it?” he asked, lips forming a gentle frown.

Jacob shook his head. “No, it’s for you,” he claimed, smiling weakly as he held the watch out for him. 

Ryan accepted the gift with an uncertain smile of his own. “Well… thank you! It’s beautiful,” he said graciously, placing it down on his desk. “That’s very kind of you.” Very eager too, he thought, although he was too polite to vocalize it.

After signing a picture of Deadpool for him, Ryan said his farewell to Jacob and immediately greeted the next fan in line. The watch remained on his desk until the very end of the day when he slipped it into his jacket pocket and promptly forgot about it until several hours later.

Finally reaching his hotel room after several hours in the VIP bar with the likes of Scott Eastwood and Chris Hemsworth, Ryan threw himself down onto the soft sheets of the bed before wincing as his hip was nudged by something in his pocket. A reach into it produced the watch and he let out a small chuckle, remembering the slightly uncomfortable conversation with James– Joseph? He’d met a lot of fans in one day and their names all started to blend into one after a while.

It can’t hurt, he surmised, slipping his own watch off of his wrist and replacing it with the gift. It fit perfectly into place and he smiled as he admired it, noting just how shiny the silver was.

The joy Ryan felt lasted mere seconds before he involuntarily collapses backwards and began writhing around. His body felt like it was being pushed from the inside and he wanted to scream but he could no longer open his mouth do so. His fingers clutched desperately at the sheets as he begged for release from whatever had overcome his body before his world blinked out of existence and all he saw was darkness.

“Fucking hell.” That was his own voice. The voice of Ryan Reynolds speaking without him making any words. How was that even possible? “This is better than I imagined. You did good, Jacob.”

Ryan’s vision slowly began to fade back into existence and he was stunned to fin that he was no longer on the bed but in front of the mirror - and his left hand was underneath his shirt, tracing along his abs while the other hand ran through his hair. “You still in there, buddy?” his body asked. “Yeah, I’m talking to you, Ryan. You should still be able to hear me.”

What the fuck is going on?

“Ah, there you are! I was worried then.” Was there anything more confusing then seeing your body move and talk without your permission? He felt like he was looking through a window into a world he had no control over and it was equal parts terrifying and infuriating. “This was my boyfriend’s plan. You met Jacob, right? He’s a good kid. A good thirty years younger than me but any guy willing to love a burly fifty-three year old like me is definitely in my good books, if you know what I mean!”

Wait, what did Jacob do to me? Was it the watch? His body only laughed. You can hear my thoughts, can’t you?

“Of course I can! They’re my thoughts now, after all,” the man inside his body confirmed, flashing the most charming smile possible into the mirror. “I’d tell you my name but what’s the point? I’m Ryan Reynolds now. Jacob always said you were his dream guy and well, what kind of sugar daddy would I be if I didn’t give him everything he wanted?”

The puzzle pieces were beginning to fall into place but they weren’t exactly creating an enticing image. It took him some time to get there but Ryan guessed that Jacob’s boyfriend had somehow been stored in the watch and when Ryan had put it on he had opened his body to the invader and lost control. How the hell was I supposed to see any of that coming?

“That’s the point, dear boy,” the impostor laughed, “You weren’t. That’s why it worked! Now if you don’t mind being quiet, I should go let Jacob know that his plan worked like a charm. I think I owe him a big kiss… and maybe a place hidden under your table tomorrow, don’t you think?” 

Ryan once again tried to scream but he had completely surrendered control of his body involuntarily and now he was trapped as nothing more than a passenger. “He’s already promised that he’ll make me cum over and over,” the new Ryan Reynolds continued, with a mischievous glint in his eye. “I wonder how many fans will notice that something’s going on down there. Hey, I guess I’ll get to test those famous acting skills!”

One thing was for sure - if Ryan ever got his body back then he wasn’t going to be accepting any more gifts from fans, no matter how harmless they looked!

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