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Gambling On A Game

I can’t believe it’s come to this: my elderly neighbor challenging me to a game of snooker where the winner gets my body and life. I know you’re wondering why I would ever agree to terms like that but it’s not like I wanted to! 

I woke up in Crazy Old Vince’s body this morning and quickly discovered that it was all part of his plan to relive his youth, only in a better-looking body (I had seen pictures of him in his younger days and let’s just say that the ugliness didn’t come with age, it was there all along!) and the capability to be open about being homosexual which had been frowned upon in his day and age.

Both myself and my boyfriend had noticed Crazy Old Vince watching me with a weird look in his eye a number of times over the last few months but there was no way I could have anticipated him planning something utterly insane like this. Hell, I didn’t even know this was possible until I woke up to a sagging gut, grey hair and more wrinkles than I could count. While my boyfriend and I had long debated about Vince’s age without any confirmation there was absolutely no way that the body I awoke in was any younger than seventy years old.

Confronting Vince in my body - thank god my boyfriend was staying with his family for the weekend at the time - only earned me mocking laughs from the man in my body who seemed to love taunting me. The injustice of having my own boy stolen and the thought of being stuck this way made my blood boil. I didn’t care who heard me through the thin walls of our apartment block as I screamed and demanded for my body back.

Eventually we settled on this decision. Well, Vince suggested it and declared that it was my only option to get my body back and if I lost I would have to let him live my life in peace. “Then again, even if you did try and tell anyone, who would believe you?” he pointed out smugly, a dark look crossing his face. “Certainly not Jacob.” The thought of Vince manipulating my boyfriend into believing he was really me made me want to scream again. I simply couldn’t let it happen!

Of course, the big issue was that I has never played snooker in my life and Vince had taken a lot of pleasure in informing me that he had been a professional player in his youth and had been regularly playing ever since. In fact it was one of his only hobbies - aside from spying on Jacob and I, of course - which meant he had a clear advantage over me.

I’ve got to believe I can do this though. I’m going to get my body back, I know it! When Jacob gets back from visiting family I’ll be his boyfriend again, not just a man he only knows as Crazy Old Vince… that can’t happen - right?

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