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Friend’s Connections

For @bizztfdreams

Shaun thought his best friend had been joking when Bryce said he’d made a deal to get him the body of his dreams. They both knew that Shaun had a never-ending crush on American Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy and he’d confided in his friend that he’d had dreams about being Gus. As far as he knew that was impossible and so it would have to remain the subject of his night-time fantasies. The thought that Bryce had found a way to make that possible though… well it was certainly too much of an exciting prospect to pass up.

Bryce had come into contact with Mr Cavanaugh several months ago and had found himself compelled to share his desires with the mysterious man without ever meaning to. He had no doubt that there was some level of magic at play where the other man was involved but he knew better than to try and understand it. If he was supposed to then Mr Cavanaugh would have explained it to him. Instead he found himself talking about every A-List celebrity he’d dreamed of being or every item of clothing on some hot jock he wished he could be. 

Shaun had come up in conversation eventually, particularly his crush on the out-and-proud Olympic skier and Mr Cavanaugh saw a way of pleasing two people. After all, things were a lot more fun when they were done with friends, weren’t they? It didn’t take much to convince Bryce either - the man jumped at the chance and quickly passed the news on to Shaun.

Despite knowing it was coming, Shaun was still caught by surprise when his body started to reshape, bursting with new muscle and stretching out to a taller height. The weight he’d gained since high school contracted into the lean muscle that could only be expected of an athlete that spent several days a week training intensely for their chosen sport. His dark hair lightened until it was a dirty blond and it restyled itself, growing thicker while his once-hairless jawline began growing a fair amount of well-groomed stubble.

The transformation itself was so pleasurable that Shaun couldn’t help but moan and hearing his voice slowly drop a few octaves until it was undeniably no longer his own voice was even more arousing. He was rock hard and pumping his cock while his face restructured into something more classically handsome and his feet stretched out to their new larger size, hair beginning to grow out of the top and spreading further down to the toes.

While his physical transformation completed, his clothes then began to follow suit until they began to feel like they were made of more expensive material than Shaun had ever felt against his body before. They were probably more expensive than his entire wardrobe put together! As his plain white t-shirt began reshaping into a pink shirt with small milk-bottle designs and a black trim on the edges, a familiar voice began moaning in Shaun’s mind.

“Bryce?” he asked, certain that he could hear his best friend but unsure why.

“Yeah it’s me,” Bryce’s voice moaned inside of his mind. “I’m your shirt now and oh boy does it feel good! Go on, flex!” Following the other’s encouragement, Shaun began to flex his arms and was immediately rewarded by more of Bryce’s lust-fueled moans. “You have no idea how good that feels, bro. This is going to be so much fun for both of us!”

Shaun couldn’t help but agree. This was everything he’d always wanted and he knew that Bryce would enjoy being his shirt too, especially if those first few moments were anything to go off of. He’d still get to hang out with his best friend but in a relatively exclusive way that would bring them both a lot of pleasure. The thought of having somebody as an item of clothing definitely turned Shaun on more than he’d thought it would.

Now that he was settled in, Shaun was already having ideas about what he was going to do first. He knew that Gus had a pretty gorgeous boyfriend with a great body of his own so why not stop by his place? It would certainly help him get to know his new body even better! “That sounds like a great idea,” Bryce agreed, his voice distant and interrupted by his continued moaning. “See if you can get him to cum on me. I bet he tastes amazing…”

Yep, this definitely wasn’t going to be an issue for the two best friends. They certainly had a lot of fun lined up for them in the next few weeks!

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