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Troy was a little confused when he got back to his student dorm after finishing up his lectures for the day and discovered a brand new game installed on his Xbox. He hadn’t set up any downloads at the start of the day and a quick check of his mobile banking confirmed that he hadn’t paid for anything from the Xbox Store so somehow this free game had managed to install itself while the console was in resting mode.

“Straight Guy Simulator,” he mumbled, reading the title aloud and then laughing. Seriously, what kind of game was this? It sounded utterly ridiculous but he was sure that it would be an easy thousand-gamerscore so he was more than happy to boot it up and get playing. Sure enough the game seemed pretty simple, if stereotypical. The title screen had cheerleaders dancing around in the background and a soccer ball in the place of the ‘o’ for crying out loud. That said more than enough about the quality of the game to begin with.

Much to Troy’s surprise though, he found himself becoming strangely engrossed in the character creation menus. The graphics were surprisingly well done and even let him scan in an image from his social media profiles to create the perfect avatar. There was an option to change absolutely everything from his height to weight and even his interests. The only glitch was whenever he tried to change his sexuality - it would never let him pick gay or even bisexual from the drop-down list. Despite being gay himself, Troy supposed that it made sense considering the title of the game but it still bothered him, as if there was something not quite right about it.

After he had suitably modified his player character to reflect a more ambitious version of himself with bigger muscles, tanned skin and stylish hair, Troy began playing as ‘Trey’. Hours passed, feeling like mere minutes as Troy completed quest after quest, each time choosing the flirtatious options with any female NPC he met and scoring a total of four explicit sex-scenes including one featuring two cheerleaders and two with the sister of his character’s best friend. At first Troy was surprised by the graphic detail of the mature scenes but he quickly grew to love it and crave more.

By the time the sun rose the next morning Troy was totally engrossed and all but unrecognizable. He had been so fixated on playing the game that he hadn’t even noticed his own transformation - body swelling with muscle, skin tanning and cock growing until he more closely resembled the character he’d been playing as for the past eight hours. It wasn’t just that he looked like Trey, he thought like him too. He got hard every time a bimbo came on screen in those amazingly realistic graphics and wrinkled his nose in disgust when he finished the quest that revealed Trey’s best friend was actually a closeted homosexual.

By the time he completed all of the quests and finished the game some twelve hours after he had started it, reality had warped around the new Trey. His university flat was no longer the home to posters of shirtless male athletes nor the Hunky Fireman calendar that listed all the upcoming LGBT Society events. Instead it was messy and void of any major decorations other than a few weight-lifting championship trophies. It was the room of a typical straight guy breezing through university with very few cares other than how many chicks he could pick up in a week.

Shutting his Xbox down after a successful gaming session, Trey let out a long sigh. He felt like something was different but he wasn’t quite sure what. Oh yeah, maybe it was that his bed didn’t have any bimbos in it. He’d have to change that and he knew better than anyone in the flat that it was never too early to get some pussy action!

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