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Favorite Boxers

Hey, you’re finally here! I’ve only been texting you for like two hours now…

What’s that? You think these boxers look good on me? Well damn, I’m real glad you think that. I mean I’m not surprised because everything looks good on me but these are definitely my favorite pair of shorts right now. 

Yeah I know pink’s not really my color but I felt like trying it out and you know what, I think I can pull it off. Look at how tight these things are around my thighs! They make me feel so damn sexy and I really can’t help it if I’m getting hard already!

Nah I don’t know where your roommate went. He let me in and then went somewhere else… probably off to do faggy shit with the rest of his queer friends. Why would I pay attention? You know I’ve always thought the only thing that homo was good for was sucking me off - not that I’d let him! I’m no fag, the only people allowed their mouths around my cock are hot babes and my boxers.

What, you think that was weirdly phrased? So what if boxers don’t have mouths. I like to think that this pair does because damn he’s - I mean it’s - feeling so nice around my shaft. Why don’t you come over and give it a feel, huh? I bet you can make me cum without ever getting these boxers off me…

Somebody help me! My roommate’s oaf of a boyfriend turned up early to meet her and has now transformed me into a pair of boxers! He thought he’d be funny by making me pink just because I’m gay but I don’t find this very funny at all. I’m supposed to be going to meet my boyfriend and instead here I am, trapped on the body of the douchebag who tormented me whenever he came around to see Felicia. 

The worst part of all is that I can feel myself giving in and starting to enjoy it, especially now that he’s hard and stretching me out with that monster cock of his. God, it’s going to be so nice feeling his pre-cum all over me. You better get over here and do as he says, Felicia! You’ll be doing me a favor, honest!

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