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Fated To Be Together

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

This story is part of a collaboration with @mctf21. You can find his part of the story (which takes place after mine) by clicking here.

When you’re as perfect as I am, taking advantage of other people’s weaknesses is pretty much second nature. I’m a king walking among peasants and it’s only fitting that I deserve better than them. I’d go as far as to say that it’s been my birthright to have the perfect life - football captain, prom king, everything.

Of course when you’re as jaw-droppingly gorgeous and impossibly talented as I am there are going to be some people who are jealous of your success. I can’t even count the amount of guys who wish they were for me, either for all the hot chicks I have begging for my cock or my skills on the football field. Then there are those homos who are clearly more jealous of the sluts I let worship my perfect body, wishing they could be their in their place. The joke’s on them though because even if I was gay I wouldn’t disgrace myself by dating some loser who’s never seen the inside of a gym before.

Chief among those lustful gay losers was Steven who I’ve always thought was a total freak with no redeeming qualities. I swear that I once heard him mutter under his breath that he wished we would swap bodies so he could show me how it feels to be him. Yeah, I still laugh about that comment because he can dream all he likes, he’s never going to be me nor is he ever going to be bigger and stronger than me. Some people in life are alphas and others are betas. It doesn’t take a genius to work out which column we fit into.

After catching the dweeb trying to check me out in the locker room, I slammed him against the wall and left him there to cry his eyes out. I felt no sympathy for him and why should I? I was already thinking about scoring some hot babe to keep me busy that night - right after I played some Xbox and drunk a few beers, of course. It’s Friday night, what else would I be doing?

Something strange began happening as I settled down to play some games though - I began to think about Steven. I didn’t know why that loser was in my head but he was stuck there and no amount of gaming was able to distract me. Worse still, I was getting horny and didn’t know why. There was no way I was prepared to believe that I was feeling horny because of that loser, even if having him worship my thick cock did sound pretty hot…

Before I could really consider my actions, I dropped the controller and instead began to tease my stiffening cock through my boxers. If my thoughts were going to revolve around that nerd then why not at least try to have some fun with it, even if it was a little more on the homo side than I was used to?

Soon I was rock hard and moaning in pleasure. It was around that time that the fantasies I was dreaming up involving the nerd worshiping my body changed to me worshiping his. The thought should have revolted me, especially as I was physically superior but it strangely didn’t. In fact, being submissive to him was actually turning me on, as insane as that seemed. 

I’m under some kind of spell, I thought blankly before allowing myself to indulge back into my surprising fantasies. Magic wasn’t real, everybody knew that, so why would I be under a spell? Clearly these thoughts had been buried all along and I had tried to suppress them by being a bully to the object of my affections. Yeah, that made more sense.

As I continued to moan in delight, my voice dropped slightly and a shiver rushed down my spine at the sound. My chest began to puff out, inflating my muscles with more strength than I could possibly believe. It wasn’t long before my legs followed suit, packing on powerful muscle in mere seconds. My cock seemed to grow harder in my hands as it grew in both length and girth, causing pre-cum to leak from the tip and stain my white boxer briefs.

The final change came right as I hit orgasm. My handsome features shifted, taking on an older appearance but one that was no less beautiful. A thick beard pushed out around my mouth and along my jawline as my dark hair grew slightly and eyes turned from hazel brown to sky blue. Within moments I was no longer the hottest guy in college but rather one of the hottest guys in Hollywood and my love’s ultimate object of affection, Chris Evans!

Coming down from the unbelievable high of the transformative orgasm, I was left with only one thought in my mind. More than anything in the world I needed to get to my love and worship him the way he deserved. It was the only thing that mattered in life anymore and I couldn’t waste any more time. He needed to know how much he meant to me and hopefully one day soon, the whole world will too!

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