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Faking It

Fuck, I have no idea if I’m saying the right thing. I didn’t even know this guy was an actor until like ten minutes ago and now I’m in the middle of an interview pretending as if I know exactly what I’m talking about. Thank fuck it’s not just me up here because I can let his castmates answer most of the questions while I wait for it to be over so I can get some time alone.

This all happened because I saw him heading into the men’s restrooms and thought he’d be a pretty hot body to possess. I’d spent the last month in the body of a slender blond model with a hot bubble butt and eventually I’d grown tired of it and wanted to be somebody a little manlier. He seemed just like I wanted it with his stocky build and hairy arms. I could only imagine where else on his body the hair was and I was looking forward to finding out.

Sliding out of the model’s body once I was safely in one of the stalls, I waited until I was sure I was alone in the restroom with the handsome man and he was at the sinks. While he was distracted washing his hands I phased right through the stall doors and charged forward. He barely had time to look up before I barreled into him and pushed myself inside. As expected he fought back every step of the way but I’m an expert at this after thirty years so it didn’t take too long to overpower him and take full control.

Possessing someone is actually a pretty arousing experience but I’ve always found that possessing larger guys - either muscular or overweight - to be the most appealing simply because there’s so much room to spread out in their big bodies. This guy was no exception as I flexed his muscles and found myself growling in lust as I crushed the final parts of his defense and gained full access to his mind and memories.

So yeah, it turns out that this body belongs to Rob Kazinsky, a relatively well-known actor currently on the promotional circuit for his new movie. He’d been doing interviews in one of the rooms of the hotel I was staying in and was expected to remain in those interviews for the rest of the day or he’d get in trouble with the movie producers. Pretending like I knew what was going on was pretty tough but I was managing to fake it pretty well considering nobody really picked up on it. Maybe they thought Rob was just tired and a bit out of it after a long morning of interviews.

Just another hour or two until I can finally get the hell out of here and enjoy Rob’s body properly. I’ve already seen what a big thick cock he has and I can’t wait to play with it! I know there’s a pretty exclusive gay club near here and I had a lot of fun there in my last body. This time I think I’ll be an even bigger hit, especially with the twinks there looking for a real man to fill them up. I’m pretty certain that Rob’s not actually gay but that’s never really stopped me all that much before. It would be a real shame not to take advantage of this famous body while I have it, wouldn’t it?

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