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Ending the Show

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

When the news broke that Teen Wolf wasn’t going to be getting a seventh season, head writer Jeff knew that he had to invoke the plan he’d had since day one. While he had never really hated how he looked, he knew he could look better which was why he’d hired so many pretty boys and young hunks to star in the show. He’d been testing them all, deciding which one was going to become his new body once it was all said and done.

While he’d had his eye on big buff Hoechlin for most of the first four series, the man had decided to leave the show to move onto movie roles and that had thrown a spanner in the works. While Jeff liked Posey and O’Brien, his two lead stars, he just couldn’t see himself enjoying the rest of his life in their bodies. That was why he’d hired Cody C in the fifth season, he was determined to find a young stud whose body he could take over and never look back. By the time they made it to the filming of the sixth season though, it became obvious that there was another emerging choice and one that Jeff perhaps liked even better: Dylan Sprayberry.

When he’d first been hired at the start of the fourth season Dylan had been young and rather skinny. Then throughout the course of filming two seasons of the show he’d hit another growth spurt and built muscle at an incredible rate to the point that the wardrobe department were struggling to hide the fact he was now more muscular than their main star and was giving Cody a run for his money in terms of size. As such, Dylan had instantly become much more appealing to Jeff. He was cute, had hundreds of thousands of fans and now had a strong body that any man would be jealous of no matter what their age.

Perhaps the biggest change of all though had been Dylan’s mind. As his body grew stronger from his dedication to the gym, he grew far more confident in his own skin. He turned from a shy young boy at the start of the fourth season to possibly the cockiest person on set by the sixth, flirting with all his female castmates and crew members no matter what their ages and getting into flexing competitions with his new best friend, Cody. The boys were all but inseparable, encouraging each other’s worst arrogant behavior and always gloating about their ‘gains’ in the gym. Rumors were even going around that the two boys were fucking in their trailers because they were so turned on by each other’s obnoxious personality and powerful bodies and honestly Jeff wouldn’t surprised. He’d spied on both young actors for a while and saw the way they looked at each other when they thought they were alone.

Just a few episodes into the filming of the sixth season and after Dylan paraded around set shirtless simply because an episode called for it (Jeff had of course written that in on purpose), the head writer decided he’d had enough. He simply couldn’t wait for the body he was craving so badly, he needed to be Dylan now.

Calling the young actor into a meeting, Jeff watched with amazement as Dylan spread himself out on a chair and acted as casually as could be even though others might have been concerned about being called into a private meeting with their boss. “What do you want?” Dylan asked, cupping the bulge in his tight jeans as if he could tell that Jeff desired him more than anything. Hell, Dylan probably thought everybody that worked on the show wanted to fuck him - and honestly Jeff wouldn’t be surprised if he was right.

“You,” was all the writer could bring himself to reply before holding out the ancient artifact he’d purchased years ago. Sure enough, just as was promised, the moment they were both staring at it Jeff felt his body suddenly seize up. He was totally rigid and unable to move but within seconds he could full a pulling motion throughout his body and suddenly he was ripped out of it and sent straight through the artifact to his new body.

The first thing Jeff felt was undeniable strength. His body felt like it was fighting to bust free of its clothes and the cock in his pants that felt far bigger than what he was used to started to get hard in seconds. His old body was still staring at him in a mix of confusion, terror and shock so Jeff took advantage of the moment to easily snatch the artifact out of his hand and pocket it. “Behave and I’ll give you your body back at the end of the season,” he lied, grinning smugly at the young actor now trapped in his older and much less impressive body. 

While he had expected Dylan to throw a tantrum at the sudden twist in events, he hadn’t quite anticipated how extreme it would be. The young actor was screaming and crying like a child who had been denied a toy and Jeff just sat there smirking, enjoying every moment of it. Eventually Dylan was forced to accept that this wasn’t some quick joke that would be resolved in seconds and he’d have to do exactly as he was told, namely not letting anybody know that he wasn’t the head writer and was actually some pumped up douchebag actor who’d gotten a bit too big for his boots.

The instant he got out of that stuffy office and was left alone in Dylan’s trailer, Jeff pulled out the artifact and instantly destroyed it. There would be no switching back for them, it was just an easy way to keep Dylan under control while the show was still on. He certainly got a great deal of amusement out of watching the younger man attempt to be him when the cast tried to talk to him or when they were at fan events. He could tell Dylan was bothered that all of his fans were freaking out over Jeff instead but there was nothing he could do about that without making himself look crazy.

As for Jeff, he was having the time of his life in his new body. It was every bit as muscular as he’d dreamed of being and some days it was difficult to pull himself away from the mirror as he flexed and showed off before stroking his cock and covering his reflection in his cum. In order to keep his body in perfect shape for all those shirtless scenes he was still writing in for himself, Jeff was hitting the gym with Cody every morning but that wasn’t the only thing they were doing together. Sure enough the rumors had been true and he found himself regularly getting his cock blown by his handsome co-star before Cody fucked him and had him screaming out his name.

By the time the season wrapped up and the show was over, Jeff had truly settled into his new body. It had taken a long time for his plan to come to fruition but now he had the body of a hot young actor, working in Hollywood was sure going to be a lot more fun… and hey, living with Cody was definitely going to have some positives too. Dylan didn’t have quite so much fun in a body that was older, weaker and less recognizable to his former army of fans but without the artifact what hope did he have of ever switching back?

Maybe he’d have to find his own artifact and repeat the process on a new show. If he couldn’t get his own body back then he was sure he could find another hot young body to switch with instead…

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