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Dumbed Down Host

Possession of human hosts was not particularly uncommon when alien civilizations land on Earth but every species had their own ways of managing it if their bodies were not capable of surviving in the atmosphere. Some invaded host bodies through the tight ring of their ass while others absorbed their host and were able to perfectly replicate the human anatomy. Every alien species out there in the universe was different from each other and they all had different abilities and interests. Rumor had spread across the galaxy about just how fun Earth bodies were and as a result more and more species began the long journey to the human planet.

The Qualls were among those looking to investigate the human lives they had heard so much about and had sent a small group of their people to act as a scouting party. Their instructions were to possess only the wealthiest and most beautiful - preferably both, of course. They were a very proud race of aliens, viewing themselves as royals in the galaxy and not wanting to be outshone by anybody. If Earth was becoming a party location for the whole galaxy then it was important that the Qualls claimed the best bodies for themselves as quickly as they possibly could.

Unlike certain other species of aliens, the Qualls required very specific circumstances in order to take over a human - namely they needed the host body to be mentally diminutive as possible. More intelligent minds would be able to resist the takeover but weaker-willed and slower minds were far easier to defeat and control. Unfortunately the vast majority of the rich and powerful crowd that the Qualls wanted to possess happened to be rather strong-minded and if they were to reject the invader then the Quall would die as a result.

In order to make sure their invading forced survived, the Qualls sent forth scouts from an allied race known as the Jerru in order to ‘dumb down’ their future hosts. The Jerru were small creatures of no more than five inches and possessed the ability to camouflage themselves with their surroundings, making them very good at their job. Under the guidance of the Qualls they advanced on the future host bodies and invaded them by jumping into their open mouths while they slept. The male celebrities were totally clueless as the Jerru wrapped themselves around their brains, draining them of all of their smarts and leaving them as nothing more than brainless beauties.

Look at Alexander Skarsgard here. He’s as handsome as ever - tall, blond and with sky blue eyes - but he’s all but empty in the brain department. He’d hardly be able to answer a simple “two plus two” question if he was asked. Instead he had been chosen for a much more important purpose. He was to be the host body of a Quall prince and his body would surely be treasured, even as his mind and memory were consumed in the possession.

“Heh, that feels funny,” the slow-witted actor grunted as the hulking purple form of Prince Gesh began pushing inside of his body from behind. Alexander’s mind was getting weaker by the second but he hardly noticed as the arousal of being possessed threatened to swallow him whole. Prince Gesh took great joy in taking the human’s body for himself, exercising control of the other’s limbs even while he was only half-inside. “Fuck, bro, what are you doing to me?”

The body began to writhe, hand stroking his hard cock while Prince Gesh continued to make himself at home and remove what little control Alexander had left over himself. The actor didn’t even realize it was happening, he was too busy enjoying the pleasure of having his body invaded.

Within moments Alexander Skarsgard ceased to exist. Prince Gesh had claimed his first human host body and he was riding a high as the body hit its climax and he covered his firm chest with cum. As a royal back on his home planet the prince had hardly ever struggled to find lovers but he had entirely underestimated just how good self-pleasure would feel inside the human body.

His first goals were to acclimatize himself to human life so that he didn’t draw suspicion from any neighboring species that had taken residence on the planet but he was already beginning to wonder how good human sex was…

Hopefully he’d get the chance to find out sooner rather than later.

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